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Welcome to our dream interpretations website. This source is the biggest Dream Interpretations Dictionary that we have marshalled all the resources we can reach for you. “Dreams are the touchstones of our character.” -Henry David Thoreau.

Interpretation of Dreams

Strange behaviours seen in sleeping called temporal death… Why and in which case we see dream? This is a phenomenon. From the creation of primitive man to date philosophers, scholars have expressed, thought diversely but they can not define the dream categorically. But it is good to know that dream is a big and an abstract world. At the same time dream is associated with life beyond. Catching this relation is only possible with pure emotion and spiritual cleaning.

Meanings of Dreams

Dreams have been the center of interest of philosophers for thousands of years, but in recent years they have been a subject for unscientific and scientific research. The reason why you are in here is probably either you have seen a dream and wonder its mean or wonder the reason why you see dream.

The interpretation of your dreams should be done as a whole, but you can have an idea about what your dreams mean benefiting from this dictionary that we have gathered up of expressions of scholars. For this, you should determine the objects you saw clear in your dream and you should look their interpretation by one bye.

Dream Dictionary

Generally all objects are interpreted according to the way of sighting in the dream. For example when you look at the word “car”, you will see that this term is detailed and interprated one by one as getting into car in dream, getting into horse cart, seein a wrecked car, driving a car, seeing a loaded car. Or it may refers you to another word’s term that can be synonymous with it for terms you can not find there. If we continue with the same example, when you look at the word “car” , you may meet with a leading like “see; motor vehicle”. Or determining which other objects you saw in your dream, you may give the meaning associating multiple objects for a dream. Besides we suggest that you should look at “Dream and Islam” section in our website on the subject of “Islamic Dream Interpretation”.

As you can find word you are looking for via character count, you can also find it filling out the search form.

We wish you have a good time in dreaminterpretation.co and wish that your dreams give you good and happy messages.