Dream Meaning of Cats

Cats have different interpretations and these are related to what you saw in your dream. Sometimes, the dream meaning of cats represents you will have a baby. If the dreamer is female, then it means she will suffer from her husband’s attitude and people around her. Alternatively, cats symbolize a two-faced and cunning man.

As to another interpretation cats in dream suggest that you are trying to control your child as a mother. You are bothering your child because of your attitude.

To see a street cat means that you will face with a very powerful competitor and have to overcome her / him. In this period you will postpone some of your projects and you will experience unexpected situations. Besides, the dream may be a sign of a friend’s getting sick. Maybe you will sell some of your properties to contribute his / her treatment.

Eating a cat indicates that you will take advantages of someone who is a thief or black-hearted.

To fight with a cat illustrates that you will get sick but you will get better in the end. Biting and harming a cat shows your illness will last long. If you don’t have health problems, then it may be a warning for you about a serious illness. To see that you are defeated by a cat implies you will get better in a short while and you will have good days.

To see that a cat is clawing you suggests that there is someone who is trying to harm you and he or she won’t hide his / her hostility. You have to be careful about this person because he / she can be dangerous for you. So, you should accept your dream as a warning. To dream that a cat is hurting your eye has also the same meaning. If the cat which is attacking you is a tomcat, it may be a sign of an illness.

Moreover, to sell a cat in dream shows that you will spend your money carelessly and as a result your properties will decrease.

The dream interpretation of a cat and a mouse together signifies that you will come together with people who are two-faced.

To see that a cat is entering your house means a thief will enter your house. If it eats the food in your house, then it refers to that a thief will steal your furniture. Dream with a cat after morning prayer has a different meaning. It is interpreted as an illness which will last for 6 days. Alternatively, a cat’s entering your house may represent that you will make someone who gossips and causes fights among family members move away. So, he / she will stand alone and pay the penalty for his / her wrong attitude. As to other meanings, it indicates that you will get poorer day by day.

If a cat is brushing your body, that symbolizes you behave naively in real life and you help people more than they deserve. Overvaluing them will result in ungratefulness. You have to be careful because they may take advantage of you. On the other hand, to brush a cat has different meanings. It depends on what you had seen or the situation. If you are about to make a decision in your business life, then it means the person who you want help or set a partnership may be evil-minded. If you are married, it shows you will have a baby in a short time or you will get good news. It may also interpreted as a warning to be careful.

Mom pussy with its kittens implies that you will feel worried. Groan of cats indicates that you will gossip about someone. A palm cat is interpreted as a good-hearted man who seems a bad tempered person. To dream that a cat is disappearing means you will get into trouble.

In addition, the dream meaning of a cat’s fur shows that there will be some problems about your new occupation but it won’t last long. You will cope with that problem in a short time and then continue to step forward in your way.

To see that a cat is giving birth to a puppy in dream represents that you will reach high level positions in your business life or get promotion but then you will experience some difficulties which will get harder day by day. These problems will start to disappear after a while and you will relax in the end. Alternatively, it refers to that you have to work hard to be able to achieve something you want.

To dream with talking to a cat suggests that you will try to help someone who needs your help but another person will block you through gossiping or his / her attitude. You will have a quarrel with that person and end your communication with him / her.

To see that you are throwing stones to a cat means there is someone who has to be taken away from your family because he / she is trying to destroy your happiness. He / she is making plans and may harm you and your family. Alternatively, the dream may be a sign of marriage and having a baby.

If you see that a cat is licking your hand in your dream, this reflects that you will embark on an important occupation with the help of a friend. You will be partners with your siblings on your way. It may also imply that you will change your field in business life and this alteration will bring you success.

To dream that a cat is peeing means you will communicate with a bad tempered person unexpectedly, you will make a partnership with that person and this partnership will cause important problems for you. You will regret knowing this person. In addition, the piss of a cat may imply that you will be deceived by one of your colleagues at workplace.

The dream interpretation of a cat without a tail shows that you cannot make your own decisions and you have concerns about this situation. To see a cat without other organs also has the same meaning.

Cats also implies independence in real life. So, to save a cat’s life in dream means that you want to be independent.

Dream with chasing cats

Chasing cats usually implies good symbols. Petting a cat also has good meaning. It is a sign of faithful friend. To pet the cat signifies your relationship with that loyal person. However, if you don’t like cats in real life, then petting cats points to that you will overvalue a two-faced friend.

To dream with a she-cat

A she cat in your dream is a sign of a person who you benefit and you suffer from. It usually refers to an evil-minded woman. If it is a house cat, then your dream points out you will get rid of your problems. If it is a street cat, it means you will face with a trouble because of someone’s attitude and behaviours. To see that a she cat is clawing you in your dream indicates that you will have a peaceful time for about one year. Besides, it may represent wealth in your daily life. On the contrary she cats may symbolize cunning women.

Dream about killing cats

To dream that you are killing cats means you will face with a thief and you will overcome him or her. Sometimes it is interpreted as being at peace and getting wealthy.

Alternatively, dream interpretation of killing a cat symbolizes that you will take measures to take away disagreements and fights among family members or financial problems in your business. These measures will work and you will be able to overcome your problems. Besides, the dream may be a sign of struggling with some people who are trying to disturb you.

If you see that you are burning a cat in your dream, that dream shows bad symbols. You will lose money unexpectedly since you will make wrong decisions in your business life. Your loss won’t be just financially, it will also be related to your relationships and contacts.

The dream about blood of a cat denotes that you will get into trouble while you are doing something but a friend will help you. This friend’s help will be beneficial and you will feel relax. It also suggests that you will obtain something that you want very much.

To be bitten by a cat

To be bitten by a cat may illustrate that you overvalue the people around you. You help people more than they deserve and your attitude influences your life negatively.

On the other hand the dream interpretation of being bitten by a she cat may symbolize good luck. If you have a she cat in real life and you see that she is biting you, that shows that peaceful days are coming true in a short while. If the cat biting you is a street cat, your dream indicates that you have to struggle a lot of problems in the following days.

Turning into a cat in dream

The dream with turning into a cat signifies robbery. It implies that you will earn your life through theft or forbidden behaviors. To turn into a house cat and sleep in your house comfortably means everything will go wrong for a long time. When you see that you are fighting another cat as a cat, the dream suggests that you will be partner with an unfair and cruel person or you will get support from that person. But you will get away from him / her and your relationship will end up.

Dream meaning of a white cat in dream

The dream with a white cat indicates that there is someone who is jealous of you because of your success at workplace. However, this person won’t be able to harm you. Besides, it may show that a bad-tempered person will try to destroy the relationship between your family members but he / she cannot.

Dream Interpretation of a yellow cat

To see a yellow cat in dream signifies that you will face with a cunning person and you will compete with him / her. Although you will try hard to defeat him / her, you cannot succeed and you will get into trouble because of your own trap. Alternatively, a yellow cat may be a sign of financial problems.

To dream about a black cat

To dream about a black cat tells that you will have fights with your family members. There is someone who causes troubles. There will be big disagreements between your siblings and the dream is a warning for you to go away. Because if you don’t go away from them, the problems will get bigger.

Alternatively, black cats are interpreted as your worries. In real life it is usually believed that black cats bring about bad luck, destruction or evil. So, this common symbol of the black cat may influence you and your dream may be a reflection of your superstition.

To dream that a black cat is biting you indicates that there is someone who is jealous of you because of your work, success and projects. He / she will make a plan to block your improvement and as a result you will lose your profit or money. You will try to deal with these shortage for a long time. This plan may also cause disagreement between you and your friends.

Dream meaning of a dead cat

Killing a cat and a dead cat in dream are related to your dependence. A cat’s disappearing has the same meaning. These symbols all reflect restrictions on your freedom or independence. This may be your own choice. For example, if the dreamer is a male and about to marry, then he may think that the marriage will restrict his freedom although the decision of marriage is his own choice. So, you should discover the situations which restrict your life and try to solve if possible.

A kitten in dream

To see a kitten in dream shows that you are on the way of your independence. This kind of independence will affect either your all life or some simple decisions. For example, you can learn to say “no” to people who you couldn’t object to before. You are ready to discover new things. On the other hand, the dream may symbolize innocence and purity.

If you dream that a kitten is turning into a puppy, it means there is a turning point in your life. It may also imply that you are looking for an alteration.

Psychological interpretation of cats in dream

The dream meaning of a cat usually signifies feminine desires, independence, creativity and power. On the other hand, sometimes it may be a sign of bad luck. The interpretation depends on whether the dreamer likes cats. If the dreamer doesn’t like cats, the dream tells that he or she had realized a bad thing about a person’s character but doesn’t want to accept it.

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