Dream Meaning of Dogs

The dream meaning of dogs depends on what you see in your dream. There are different interpretations. Sometimes a dog in dream represent a hostile or an ugly and ignorant man. Sometimes dream with dogs is a sign of a person who is merciful and kind although he or she is one of your an enemies. It may also refer to an self-indulgent person.

A she dog often points out an evil-minded and bad-tempered woman. This woman will probably cause you to get into trouble. She may be one of your friends or one of your enemies around you.

Your victory or loss against the dog in your dream suggests the result of your fight with your hostiles. In addition the species of dogs may point to your character.

To see that a herd of dogs are wandering around in your dream implies that you will reach your goals and your wishes will come true in a short time.

Dream with being attacked by dogs has different meanings. If the dogs don’t bite you in dream, this denotes that your hostiles will try to harm you and attack you but they won’t be able to hurt you. To dream that more than one dog are attacking you and you are defeating them, that suggests that one of your family members misunderstood you and you will talk to them because of this misunderstanding. You will express yourself and this misunderstanding will end up.

If you mess with the saliva of dogs in your dream, it shows that you will feel sad because of your enemies’ sayings about you. If dogs claw and disrupt your clothes, this represents that you will have some problems about things you should do.

If the dreamer is a male, to see dogs which is guarding your house shows that he is protecting his properties and house. If the dreamer is female, then the same dream denotes that her illness will get worse or her properties and money will decrease.

Feeding dogs indicates that your money and profit will increase and your finansial position will get better. If you see that a dog is dirtying in your house, bed or plate, this is usually interpreted as your wife or husband will deceive you.

To turn into a dog in dream points out you behave arrogantly in your environment. If you are wandering as a dog and turn into a human again, this illustrates that you will feel sorry about your attitude.

In addition, eating dog in dream symbolizes you will be more successful than your competitors or you will defeat your hostiles. At the same time, this dream may represent that you will commit sins.

Drinking dog milk shows that there is a powerful enemy and he or she bothers you. You are afraid of this person. In addition a puppy is interpreted as a child.

To put a collar on a dog implies that you need help. You are looking for support of your friends because of your problems.

A black dog in your dream refers to an enemy who has a dark skin. On the other hand, the dream may be interpreted as an illness. A white dog symbolizes an enemy who is merciful in the same time.

Dogs’ barking represents that you will hear bad words from one of your hostiles. Although this person won’t be able to harm you, he or she cause you to feel unhappy. Barking may also be a sign of trick or cheat. Some evil-minded people will harm you. Besides, unhealthy dogs means your wealth will decrease.

To dream that two dogs are fighting means that you will set one of your enemies against the other one.

Sleeping by leaning out of a dog indicates that someone who you trust and believe is your enemy secretly and has ulterior motives about you. So, you may face with some troubles at workplace. If you are barking with the other dogs in your dream, it means your wishes will come true. To talk to dogs has a different meaning. That represents that you will hide from something. This hiding may be related to your emotions or your fears. You may hide from your hostiles or you may keep your emotions in secret.

The dream meaning of a dog that is escaping from you may signify that your enemy is afraid of you in real life. He or she feels weak against you and will prefer to keep away from you rather than hurt you. Moreover, to kill a dog signifies that you will defeat your enemy and reach your goals.

A dead dog has three different meaning. You may get sick, you may feel bad or you may face with some complicated things.

To dream a pet dog points out your character. If you see that you have a pet dog and you are taking out it walking, then you are a merciful and charitable person. If you dream that you have a hunting dog, that means you like glossiness.

Dream about being bitten by a dog

If you are bitten by a dog in your dream, it shows that your enemies will be able to harm you. Your competitors in business life will hurt you. The more sadness you feel in dream, the bigger loss you will experience in real life. As to the other interpretation, it means your competitors or hostiles will make a move towards you. Besides, the dream may be a sign of envy. One of your close friends are jealous of you and you may feel disappointed due to his or her behaviours.

To dream that a dog is licking your hands and barking friendly, it suggests that your enemies who are your friends at the same time will give up and change their minds about you. They will try to get along with you.

The dream meaning of she dog

She dog refers to a person who is obsessive and evil-minded woman. This woman is around you. To see that a she dog is chasing a male dog signifies that you will suffer from a woman and you will lose your reputation because of her. If you see that a she dog is leading male dogs, it symbolizes that you will bring about a marriage of a sinner woman and a man.

To dream with a dog feeding her puppies usually interpreted as a good symbol. If you have children, they will support and help you. If you are single, the dream may be a sign of a good-hearted person. You will have a relationship with that person and you will marry in the end.

The dream of fancy dog

To dream about fancy dog represents that there will be some problems between you and your spouse. If you are taking a fancy dog in your arms, this suggests that you are about to deceive your spouse. This deceiving may be through sexual or emotional.

Sometimes, fancy dogs symbolize happiness, joy and pleasure. But to buy a fancy dog in dream usually illustrates you will have some problems because of properties with your relatives. To receive a fancy dog as a present in dream also has the same meaning. These problems will end up after a while.

Dream Meaning of Sheep Dog

The dream interpretation of sheep dog indicates that your enemies are afraid of your power and they feel worried. Besides, it symbolizes that your are respected in your family and social environment. It may also be interpreted as your authority. You will reach a better position financially. The yield of your investments may increase and you may double your money.

The dream about hound

Hound in dream is a sign of a powerful and cruel enemy. This enemy is around you and is trying to harm you.

Alternatively, if you are working at a governmental institution, hound symbolizes good things. You may be promoted at workplace and reach a higher status.

Dream Interpretation Hunting Dogs

To see that you are going out for hunting with a hunting dog represents that you will take advantage of your enemy or competitor. If you chase the dog away, that may symbolize that you will cause your enemy to go away from you although you can benefit from him / her. In addition to eat a hunting dog points to inheritance.

The dream that hunting dogs are coming back from hunting shows that you may get into trouble in business life. This dream is also a sign of unemployment. A hunting dog in city center has the same interpretation, as well.

Psychological interpretation of dogs in dream

The dream interpretation of dogs usually symbolizes emotions, faith, guarding and loyalty. It tells you will step forward concerning what brings success to you. If dogs are barking in your dream, it shows your inner conflict. Barking dogs may indicate that there are annoying people. Maybe it implies your concerns about your friends. Alternatively, to dream with a dog which is barking in a good way illustrates that your are satisfied with your life and want to attend social activities. If it is barking brutally, then it is a sign of your desire to control people around you. It also implies someone is feeding hostility against you.

Dogs may refer to your close friends and fellows. You may worry about losing the people you love unconsciously. Alternatively, dogs in dream imply your skills which you may forget their presence. To possess a dog or a puppy in dream represents that you want to improve one of your skills. For example, you are interested in learning a foreign language or a hobby.

To see that a dog is biting your leg means that you will lose your power to balance your life. You may have difficulties to manage daily things. On the contrary it may signify your wishes to step forward about your goals.

To purchase a dog points out your wishes to hear good words. Alternatively, you may feel lonely and need friendships. To be managed by a dog is a sign of your doubtfulness and indecision. You should make decisions with common sense and think carefully about what the best thing is. You shouldn’t pay attention to other people’s thoughts too much.

To dress a dog shows you are trying to hide your deficiencies even from yourself. If a dog eats a snake or scorpion, that suggests that one of your friends dissuade you to do a bad thing. A black dog symbolizes your concerns related to one of your best friends. There may be something that bothers you in your mind about this friend.

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