About Dream Interpretation .Co

We are a group of people who have long been interested in the mysterious world of dreams. Some of us studied how intellectuals throughout history interpreted the dreams, with which symbols and utter meanings they conceived both their own and other’s dreams. We aim at combining various spiritual traditions by referring to Muslim dream interpreters, consulting to Christian and Jewish sources as well as making use of the insights of non-monotheistic religions. Dream Interpretations Dictionary is a collection of dream interpretations of all the sources we search through and analyze.

Each dream theme is given the utmost attention covering the subject from multiple angles. We keep working on exploring new dream topics with steadily increasing number of themes added to the dictionary. In order to assure that we provide you with a wide range of symbols to interpret your dreams, we keep working hard to create the most comprehensive dream interpretation dictionary. We are looking forward to your unique contributions to this dictionary. This website is open to your suggestions to extend the repertory of dreams.

We try to provide a comprehensive A-Z free online dream dictionary to help you find the meaning of your dreams with a click of your mouse. You can either use the search bar at the top of our website or use the main navigation menu. If you still have not found your dream interpretation through the refined keyword search, please Request a new dream symbol to be included in our dream dictionary.