Dream Meaning of Flies

Flies in dream symbolize either dirtiness or corruption. The dream illustrates your guilt feelings. Alternatively, the dream meaning of flies may be a sign of an epidemic disease. It also means a difficulty which you will experience in the following days and struggle to overcome. You may meet someone who will cause you to get into trouble.

Besides, flies in dream represent annoying people around you. To dream with flies is sometimes interpreted as your competitors or hostiles who tries to harm you by their sayings. On the other hand, to see a number of flies represents that you will be defeated by your enemies. If you see that a place is full of flies, then the dream signifies that there is something which was unimportant in the beginning but it is getting out of control day by day.

Dream interpretation of fly in the ear

If you see that a fly is entering your ear in your dream, that suggests that you will hear bad news and as a result you will feel worried. Alternatively, the dream illustrates that someone will tell you something which you don’t want to know. If you see that flies are touching down something, it indicates that you will suffer from a robbery or fraud and you will loss money.

Dream meaning of white fly

The dream with a white colored fly refers to death in terms of physically or psychologically. In other words, a white colored fly symbolizes either metaphorical death or physical one. Metaphorical death may represent important changes in your life or something which you will give up.

Dream of insecticide shows that you are ill but you will be treated and you will get better in a short time. In the same time, the dream tells that you will get rid of your problems easily.

Dream interpretation of killing flies

To dream that you are killing flies has usually two different meaning. Firstly the dream illustrates that you will quarrel with your family members or your spouse. You may divorce with your husband or wife. Second meaning is related to work. It may be a sign of your success at your business life.

To dream that you get out of flies symbolizes your desire for redeeming yourself. You had acted in a wrong way or made a mistake in the past and you regret having done that thing. So, you want someone to forgive you. Getting rid of flies shows that you will succeed to redeem yourself in the end.

To dream about swallowing a fly

Although swallowing a fly is disgusting in real life, the dream symbolizes fortune or chance. If you see that you are swallowing a fly, then it means that you will gain profit and your financial position will increase. You will have a capital for your projects.

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