Dream Meanings of Hitting

To hit in dream has various meanings. For example, to shoot someone refers to unexpected news which you will hear suddenly. To hit a hard ground or wood means you will get important news. The news may be related to official things. To slap in the face or punch someone with your fist represents that you will help and do beneficial things for that person.

Whipping someone in your dream signifies gossiping. It shows that you will throw dirt at that person and commit sin. Alternatively, there may be a situation which you had despaired of and given up. But whipping suggests that this situation will improve in the end.

If you see blood when you hit someone in your dream, then it usually indicates that your dream will lose its meaning. Sometimes blood illustrates that you will lose your money, power, reputation or something else.

To dream about hitting with cutlery or cutting device illustrates that you will defeat your hostile and overcome his / her hostility. You will be more powerful than your enemy. If you are sick and see that you are injured, it may be a sign of bad symbol. To see blood after be hit may refers to death. On the other hand it may suggest wealth, abundance and fruitfulness, as well.

To hit a stone usually symbolizes bad luck. If you stub your head on a wall, then it means that you had made big mistakes in the past. For example, you had left your religious practices. So, the dream points out an important benchmark. It is a warning for you to be aware of your sins and mistakes.

Dream meaning of hitting someone

The dream meaning of hitting someone suggests that you will be more powerful and you will support someone in your real life. Maybe you will help the one you hit in your dream about a specific issue. You will be beneficial for him / her.

The dream with punching someone in the face indicates that you behave carelessly about religious rules and you are going far from them recently. The dream may be a sign of your desire to compensate your mistakes about your religion. So, you are aware of your faults and you will try to fix it.

To receive a blow in dream

To receive a blow or to be punched with someone’s fist in dream refers to your enemies or competitors who try to hidden you. They don’t want you to be successful and they block you. The fist symbolizes power but the dream suggests that they can’t achieve their goals. Besides, you will step forward determinedly.

Dream interpretation of shooting

To handle a gun and shoot someone usually represents that you will be accused of something although you are innocent and guiltless. If you buy a gun in your dream, then it means someone will gossip about you. Alternatively, to shoot with gun symbolizes that you will focus on what you want to occur. If you are shot in dream, that shows that you will fall in love.

Psychological interpretation of hitting in dream

Although hitting is a benchmark for your power, it sometimes points to desperation. As to some people, power means to hit, to kill or to harm. To hit, to injure or to kill someone in dream usually symbolizes your anger and hatred. Sometimes, people who had been defeated may harm the others because of their anger.

Another meaning of hitting in psychology is to keep your anger or feelings to yourself in real life. For instance, a person who is very angry about someone and he / she knows that he / she won’t be able to defeat that person. As a result he / she needs to keep his / her negative feelings secret. In these psychological environments, hitting is one of the visuals of dreams.

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