Dream Meaning of Being Hit

To be hit or shot in dream means that you will be stronger emotionally. You will meet someone who is very attractive and you will have very energetic days. It suggests that you will fall in love and try to attract his / her attention.

If you see that you didn’t die after you had been shot in dream, then it represents that you will gain power and get wealthier day by day. Alternatively, the dream meaning of being hit shows that you will experience bad events. You will feel disappointed and face with difficulties in terms of either financially or emotionally. Besides, it illustrates that you will be accused of something although you are innocent.

To dream of feeling that you are hit indicates that you will have days full of love and these days will be the most beautiful days of your life.

The dream meaning of being shot by a gun

To see that you are shot by a gun in your dream suggests that you will feel unhappy. It may be related to your indecision. You will get news which you will have to decide what to do about them but you won’t be able to make a decision. On the other hand, to be shot by a gun may be a sign of falling in love.

If you die through being shot in your dream, that means you will have a long and happy life. If you don’t die, then the dream refers to wealth. You will get richer and live a comfortable life. To be shot with rifle signifies that your will suffer from someone who you trust in real life. This will be an unexpected situation and you will realize that this person is jealous of you. Alternatively, being shot by rifle may imply that you will try to correct your mistakes.

To be stabbed in the back denotes that you will be hard done-by although you don’t deserve. You may hear very bad words and there may be rumor about you.

If there is blood where you are shot, that denotes that you will get angry and you won’t be able to control your anger. If you don’t calm yourself, you get angry with everything and you get into trouble because of your feelings.

Dream meaning of being hit in the head

To be shot or hit in the head shows that you will start to think about an event which you have already forgotten. This event will become a current issue after a long time and it will effect your feelings. You may feel either happy or sad because of that issue. To be hit in the heart in dream may symbolize falling in love. But it usually means that you will fall in love with someone who will sadden you. To be hit in the heart sometimes suggests that you will get rid of your anger, hatred and unhappiness.

To be shot with an arrow implies that you have a weak hostile or enemy but this person is very clever and sneaky. He / she is in your social environment and tries to catch opportunities to harm you.

Dream interpretation of being hit in the stomach

The dream with being hit in the stomach means that you are a kind of person who depends on material things. It refers to your mistakes and sins. You will obtain something through commiting a sin and you will cause someone to have bad times because of your wrong attitude.

Dream about being hit in the leg indicates that you will postpone to travel in the following days. Maybe you won’t be able to do this travel. It sometimes shows that the place you live in is better than where you want to go.

To be hit in the arm is a sign of not completed issues. You are gifted and capable but you won’t be able to complete something because of your laziness. If you see that one of your friends shoot you, then it means that you will have friends who support and help you whenever you need. Alternatively, it may symbolize betrayal or disloyalty of a friend.

Being hit in a mosque while you are praying denotes that you are a good-hearted and kind person. If you commited sins in real life, you would give up them and acquire merits in the rest of your life.

To be hit or shot by one of your relatives represents that you will be cheated by a friend or relative. You will feel disappointed and want to get away from that person.

To dream of being beheaded refers to your sins. It is a warning for you to swear to give up commiting sins and be careful in the rest of your life. If you walked after you had been beheaded in your dream, then it implies that you will have a peaceful life thanks to your patience.

To be hit with a stick in dream refers to ignorant, bad-tempered and unkind people. You will have difficulties because of these people. If you are punched, that symbolizes your being discredited. It may signify that you will get bad news. To see that another person is punched in your dream denotes that you will harm that person in real life.

To be hit after you had died in dream is interpreted as your religious aspects. You pay attention to obey the religious rules in your daily life and you aren’t interested in physical life. You are very powerful in terms of moral values.

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