Dream Meaning of Ribbon

To see a ribbon in your dream represents that happy and peaceful days will take place in your life. It signifies that your life will be calm and if you take sensible decisions in your life, every problem will be resolved eventually. It means you won’t experience severe sorrow and troubles in your life. It symbolizes contentment, happiness and escaping from difficulties.

Cutting a Ribbon

Dreaming of cutting a ribbon indicates you will enter new places and experience new settings that will bring you joy. It might suggest a possible trip or vacation to a foreign country. It signifies that the dreamer will move away from the stress and complaints.

Tying a Ribbon

Tying a ribbon into a bow in your dream suggests positive changes will affect your life. It signifies you will get important chances to realize your goals and desires, therefore it symbolizes the feeling of happiness, to the point of feeling like the happiest person in the world.

Black Ribbon

Dreaming of a black ribbon is not good. It suggests your luck and your success rate will go down. It also indicates you will encounter bad people and you need to be cautious about their actions towards you.

Red Ribbon

Dreaming about a red ribbon represents well-being and happiness. It suggests that unexpected changes will take place in your life and is a sign that tells you it’s time to let go your problems; let the past stay in the past, and start progressing.

Engagement Ring with a Ribbon

To see an engagement ring with a in your dream ribbon signifies having a happy and long-lasting relationship. It represents building a happy and a peaceful family. If the dreamer is a female, she can expect a proposal from her significant other.

Gold Coin with a Ribbon

If you dream about gold coins with a ribbon, your financial status will be strong, and your reputation in your business life will increase.

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