Dream Meaning of Gifts

Dreaming about a gift in general, is good. It indicates a relief and escaping from the problems of life. It also suggests rebuilding the lost relationships between friends, partners or family members. Dreaming of presents signifies you will achieve your desires. Whether it be the giver or the receiver of the gift, dreaming about gifts have positive outcomes. However, if the gift is something undesirable and bad, it suggests upcoming harm from other people around you. Accepting a gift signifies finding a lover and beginning of a long-term relationship with them, even marriage. On the other hand, declining a gift signifies being treated badly or getting bullied by your social circle for no reason. Therefore, you should distance yourself from those people.

Receiving a Gift

Dreaming about receiving a gift implies getting lucky in life. It suggests unexpected positive encounters and good news. It symbolizes love and wealth and implies having a happy love life and a successful work environment. Trying to guess what’s inside the gift box but not being able to do so suggests ending of a close friendship.

Giving a Gift

Dreaming about giving a gift to someone represents a kind, caring and a generous personality. It implies being a helpful and modest person with good intentions to those around them. Giving a nice present to someone represents good personality traits. Giving a bad present means being untrustworthy and hypocritical and it’s a sign to take your bad traits into account.

Gift Wrapping

Dreaming of gift wrapping suggests that you will achieve your desires soon. It symbolizes leisure and wealth. It suggests that you will have a good time in your life and have a good financial status. It indicates a pay raise and increased life quality.  

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