Dream Meaning of Friend

To see a friend in your dream is good and indicates positive changes in your career, like an increased salary. The friend that was seen in the dream being honest, kind, cheerful and having good intentions in general, is favourable and suggests the dreamer will have a long, healthy life. If the friend is not well-meaning, this indicates that you need to control your emotions, and try to stop being nervous about small issues. An argument with a friend symbolizes regret and refers to beating yourself over an action you’ve made. If the friend is fighting with health issues and is sick, it suggests a successful career. Death of a friend in your dream means a long life. Walking with a friend symbolizes a lifelong tranquility and confidence. It suggests that you will never give up in life. And you will acknowledge your self worth. Dreaming about two friends symbolizes the harmony between your thoughts and sentiments. It means you’re a rational person with consistent behaviour. Dreaming of three friends indicates your altruistic behaviour, your good relationship with others and an optimistic personality in general.

Going to Somewhere with a Friend

Dreaming of hitting the road with a friend signifies that there’s an unhappy person in your social circle, and you should make them feel like you’re there for them.

Talking with a Friend

Dreaming about a conversation with a friend is good and it indicates good news will come to that friend.

Making a New Friend

Finding a new friend in your dream is excellent and it signifies good news and new beginnings. It also signifies change of a location; which could mean a new home, or a vacation.

Having a Fight with a Friend

Having a heated argument or a fight with a friend in your dream is not interpreted as good. It indicates disappointment from a very trusted person and sadness that comes after it. It could mean the disappointment after a very important talk or a confession. Beating up a friend in your dream indicates that you will help someone regarding their troubles about career/work. It could also mean that you will succeed in the things you do.

Dreaming of a Close Friend

Dreaming about a friend who is close and means a lot to you suggests that you will get beneficial news and that the troubles will be resolved, it also indicates new beginnings concerning your work life, reuniting with old friends and strengthened relationships with your family members, -if you have- especially siblings. It is also said that you will find a lost item that means a lot to you and has sentimental value.

Dreaming an Old Friend

This type of dream signifies that you will achieve your desires and dreams, your problems will be resolved by a close family friend, a time period with health issues will come to an end. It is also said that sleeping problems/insomnia will get better.

Crying Friend

It points to your desire to getting a better place in your work. With the right decisions, you will achieve your goals and be successful. It suggests that you will enter a lucky period in your life and you will find a satisfying job.

Being Friends with a Famous Person (Celebrity)

This dream suggests that you will be a part of something big and important, and people around you will be impressed. More and more people will want to be a part of your life.

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