Dream Meaning of Snake

The dream interpretation of snakes depends on what you see in your dream. Besides, the type of snake differs the dream meaning.

To see a snake in a dream refers to a deceitful enemy. To see that the snake is at your home in your dream means that there is an enemy in your house. If you see the snake outside, it indicates that there is an enemy outside. The size of the snake refers to the amount of the property of the enemy.

To dream that you kill a snake means that you will have the superiority over your enemy. If you touch on the snake without being scared and cut it, it also means that you will have the superiority over your enemy.

To see that you are speaking with the snake in your dream may suggest that you will make peace with your enemy.

To see that the snake has feet in your dream means that you will have property as much as the high of the snake. To see a snake which has many feet usually implies you have an enemy who is respected by other people. Your enemy has a high level position in business life and is stronger than you. A snake with claws and horn in your dream suggests that your enemy is getting more powerful and stronger. This means he or she will be more dangerous for you. So, claws or horn is symbol of hatred and evil.

To dream that you are bitten by a black snake indicates that you will hear good news. If you are bitten by a white snake in your dream, it refers to money which you will earn.

To see that you are afraid of the snake in your dream means that you will meet with a person who doesn’t bring good things. If you aren’t afraid of the snake, it signifies a person who keeps you out of harm’s way.

To see of eating snake meat in your dream implies that you will have a baby. If you are single, it refers to sister/brother or a baby of another person.

To see a lot of snakes in a place in your dream indicates that you will get rid of your fears and deal with spiritual works.

To see that the snake lays eggs in the house in your dream means that you deal with the public work.

Dream with snakes is usually a sign of an your hostiles. In other words there may be someone who wants you not to be successful or happy. Moreover, you aren’t aware of this person’s feelings about you. If you see a big snake, that means your enemy is stronger than you. If you dream a small snake, then it suggests that your enemy is weaker than you. A baby snake signifies that you are ignoring dangers in your life. A snake egg denotes that there is someone who has hostile feeling about you but he or she won’t be able to hurt you. So, you don’t need to worry.

Alternatively, the dream meaning of snakes may symbolize good luck since you fight with hostile people, in some way life shows you beauties. Your financial position will be better, you will have happy days with your family or you will meet someone whom you will get married. Sometimes it refers to that you will have a baby.

In addition, dream about snakes may suggest that you will face some difficulties and have to overcome them on your own. If a snake is following you in your dream, then it represents that you have an enemy and this person will cheat you in a short while. A snake’s falling down from the sky is a sign of death. Someone who lives where the snake falls down may die or have a serious illness.

The dream with talking to a snake signifies that your enemy will give up his or her hostile feelings about you. If you have a friend who you are angry at and don’t talk to, you will make peace.  The other dream interpretation of talking to a snake may be that you will face a situation which favors you. To hear a bad word from the snake in dream implies that you will have a quarrel with your enemy. To fight against a snake suggests that you will suffer from someone who doesn’t like you. He or she will harm you. Dream about being bitten by a snake indicates that someone will hurt you.

To dream with snakes which are moving in the street signifies unwanted events will come true in your surrounding. This place may be attacked by enemy or there may be a natural disaster. If there are a lot of snakes and you are walking among them, then it indicates that it will rain. There may also be a flood.  Alternatively, to dream a snake moving on the ground may indicate that you will buy a new house or furniture.

To be poisoned by a snake usually refers to that you will suffer from a hostility. To see that you die because of being poisoned means you will have a serious illness or be killed by your hostile. To be defeated by a snake is usually supposed to be a bad symbol. But it may be a sign of good things. The dreamer may get a job in governmental institutions. If you have your own business, your properties and profit will increase. You also may get promoted.

To see a grass snake which you don’t fear in your dream means that you will gain a lot of money. This money may be gold. So, the dream signifies property. Sea snakes in your dream illustrate you will meet someone who will be a reputable and important person in the following days.

If a snake is climbing a peak in your dream, it is interpreted as you will get rid of your problems. Happy days will come in a short while and you will reach peace in the end.  On the contrary, to see that a snake is going down from a peak, that denotes you will be the leader in that surrounding.

To see that a snake is flying in your dream implies that your problems will come to an end in a short time. You will overcome difficulties and you will have good days. Briefly, a flying snake is a sign of happiness.  Alternatively, the dream shows that your enemy will go away from you.

If the snake is entering ground, that refers to a death.  The dream interpretation of the skin of a snake means that you will protect yourself from illness. To see that you are holding a snake in your hands in dream signifies that you behave sneakily.

Dream of a snake with two heads

A snake with two heads means that you have two different characters. You are a person whose behaviours aren’t in line with your beliefs. Besides, it may imply your complicated relationships.

If the snake doesn’t have eyes or head, then it suggests that you will ignore the dangers around you. You should be aware of traps and be careful about them.

Dream interpretation of a black snake

Dream meaning of snakes may differ related to the colour of snakes. To see a black snake in your dream symbolizes a danger for you. It is usually interpreted as the presence of a very dangerous enemy in your social environment. Black snakes are more harmful than big or long snakes. So, that means your enemy is really powerful and he or she may hurt you easily.

White snakes in dream

A white snake in your dream implies that you have an enemy but your enemy is not too powerful to damage you. Therefore, your enemy is weak and she or he can’t attack you.

To dream about green snakes

The dream interpretation of a green snake may refer to a person who has lost his or her faith. This person may be one of your friends and if you spend much time with him or her, you may be influenced by this person. In addition this person may encourage you to do some bad things or drive you to sin.  

Gold snake

If you dream a snake which is made up with gold or silver, then it indicates that you will be busy with some beneficial situations.  Gold snakes not only points to business life and work, but also represents daily life. You may meet with people who you will take advantage of them in your social life.

To dream with gaboon viper

In general, dreaming with a snake signifies a bad person around you. But a gaboon snake usually represents an evil-minded one. To dream a venomous snake is a warning for you to protect yourself from an enemy who is really dangerous.

Dream meaning of cobra

Cobra is as dangerous as gaboon viper in nature. So, the dream interpretation of cobra is similar with the dream meaning of gaboon viper. It means there is a very dangerous and evil minded person around you, and he or she will try to attack you.   

Gopher snake in dream

To dream a gopher snake implies that you will experience hard times in the following days. It may be a sign of troublesome, difficulties and bad days.

Dream of a huge snake

A long and huge snake means that something is bothering or frightening you. On the other hand, the dream may illustrate a hostile who is in your family. Alternatively, this hostile may be one of your neighbours.  If this huge snake is near you in your dream, it may be interpreted as good luck. You may gain profit in a short time or you may have a baby.

Dream interpretation of killing a snake

If you kill a snake in dream, then it illustrates that you will defeat your enemies. To touch a snake without fear or to hold it indicates you will be happy in your business and private life in a short time. In addition, it usually symbolizes a marriage for the dreamer.

To cut a snake into pieces after you kill it refers to that you will get the properties of your enemy after you defeat him or her. In addition to kill a snake in your own bed refers to death.

Hunting snakes in dream represents that you will be successful against your hostiles and obtain something you want after you succeed. Burning a snake has a bit different meaning. It may be interpreted as you will not only defeat your enemies, but also be dangerous for them. You will be able to hurt your hostiles.

To see a snake inside your body

If a snake goes out from your body in your dream, it suggests that one of your relatives will harm you. A snake’s going out from your body symbolizes blood relationship. This person may be one of your closest friends, as well.

To see that a snake is going out from your mouth shows you will experience bad days because of your own words. So, it may be a warning for you to be careful about what you are saying. You may think that your words are neutral and don’t harm anyone but the reality is different. You may also suffer from your own sayings.

To see a snake going out from your ear denotes that one of your family members nurses a grudge against you. The snake’s going out from your nose or breast means your child is angry with you. So, you may have a quarrel with your child in a short time. The snake which is going out from your sexual organ also have the same interpretation. To dream that a snake is going out from your throat represents bad signs.

To dream that a snake is going into your mouth indicates that your knowledge will increase. You may enroll in courses to improve your intellectuality. In addition the dream may be interpreted as you will discover your new skills.

Dream with a snake on your or your neck implies good luck. Especially a bright colored and small snake may be a sign of money or property. Your financial position may get better. A snake on your head illustrates that you have something to do in public institutions and these official things will end up positively. For instance, you may get positive news from a court or you may obtain an official document which you are waiting for a long time.

The dream interpretation of snakes at home  

A snake at home is interpreted as one of the members of your home will treat you as an enemy. That doesn’t mean this person hates you. He or she will cause some troubles unintentionally and unwillingly. Alternatively the snake at home suggests that you will quarrel with someone from your family. If you allow the snake to enter your house in your dream, then it is a warning for you to be careful what to do. You may get harm because of someone who you let in your house.

Not to be afraid of the snake in your home symbolizes that there is someone who commits sins easily. To dream that snakes are entering and going out from your house but they aren’t harmful shows you should be careful about your relatives. If the house in your dream isn’t your own house, that means these enemies aren’t your relatives.

To be bitten by snakes

If you see that you are facing with a number of snakes in your dream, that represents that you have an enemy who is in your social environment. Besides, this person may be one of your close friends or relatives. To be bitten by snakes is a sign of you will get harmed by one of your friends or relatives. Not to be bitten by these snakes means that you won’t get harmed but the hostility will go on.

To dream about entering a place where are a lot of snakes indicates that there is a person who hates the Muslim in your social circle.

To be scared of a snake

Being scared of a snake illustrates that there are enemies around you but they won’t be able to harm you. If you aren’t scared of the snake but you escape from it in your dream, then it denotes that you will have hard times in the following days.

If you see a snake and be able to escape from it secretly, then it means you will defeat your hostiles.

The dream meaning of feeding a snake

Feeding a snake in dream suggests that you will have an improvement in a field in your private or business life. For example, you may get promoted at work place or your salary may increase. It can be interpreted in terms of your relationships. You may meet someone who you will fall in love. Alternatively you may decide to get marry with your partner.

Dragons in dream

Dragon in dream is usually a sign of power and strength. That means you will get stronger. Your financial position will get better, your properties will increase and you will obtain a higher status.  If you aren’t afraid of dragons, then your richness won’t end up and your power will be permanent. So, dragons implies your power and authority.

Dream with eating snake

To eat uncooked snake means you will defeat your enemy. You will have his or her properties and money. In addition eating baked snake suggests that you will get back something from your enemy because you deserve that thing.

The dream interpretation of a dead snake

A dead snake may be interpreted as being supported. The God will help you and you will get rid of your hostiles easily. Although you don’t do anything, you will be able to reach peace with the God’s support.

Psychological interpretation of snakes in dream

To see snakes in your dream points out that you have some fears. To be bitten by snakes is interpreted the same. Although everything seems to be good, there is someone whom you are afraid of secretly. The snake refers to your subconscious. It is a sign of your implicit anxiety. Alternatively, snakes represent sin or forbidden relations. Especially snakes in the bed related to your fears in your private life. These fears may deeply bound up with lack of self-confidence.  

On the other hand, sometimes snakes may be a sign of a positive symbol. It may implies recovery, healing, knowledge or wisdom. It is a benchmark of your refreshing yourself.

If the dreamer is a child, then the dream of snakes suggests his or her desires and willingness.  

Psychological interpretation of anaconda in dream

The dream of anaconda symbolizes creativity and your potential. This kind of snakes symbolizes your power in your private life.

Psychological interpretation of gopher snake in dream

Gopher snake in dream may imply your feelings. It denotes that you feel like you are in a cage. In addition it refers to your secret emotions. 

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  1. I had a dream of swallowing a baby snake (accidently – as though it had jumped into my mouth). I was frightened and a bit put off at the same time, and woke up gagging, after wondering if it would bite and poison me as I swallowed it – I remember waiting for the feeling as it went down my throat and chest before waking. The situation was at a new work place. My partner had mentioned to me last night (before the dream) about a job opening which I was thinking to myself that I didn’t want as I’ve spent months preparing to sell my own art / photography which I’m about to start doing in the next month or so. It was the job he told me about in the dream. At the end of the dream, there were baby snakes and a mother snake, before one of the babies jumped into my mouth. I have other issues going on in real life, with my partner as well as my brother who has been staying here. with all the interpretations out there, I’m not sure which way to look at this dream. Thanks in advance for any insights you may have.

  2. my husband and I had a fight and I went and slept at my fathers house. Around 4 am in the morning I had a dream. I saw that I entered an big building. A building that looks an Organization or a bank that when I entered I was so happy. Because I know i would go see the employer or Manager. The employer was sitting in His office that I can see him. Its transparent. But When I get closer did not open the door yet, I saw a snake came out from the glass wall. a fat head face then a thin head came out from the time body and start biting and blocking my face so I could not go see the employer.

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