Dream Meaning of Death

Dream Meaning of Death

To see dying in your dream suggests that you will face some health problems and you will be treated in a short while. After your treatment is completed, you will be back to your work. The dream implies that you will overcome your problems and you will feel happy. You will experience both financial and emotional satisfaction. Also death in your dream may symbolize that you will start a business with the support of your family. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you will marry and have a baby.

To dream of dead grandfather

The dream meaning of grandfather who died before illustrates that you will be supported by your friends and family, you will be a respected person and become famous with the aid of your works. Your dreams will come true and your efforts will bring results in the end.  Besides, you will earn a lot of money and live comfortably.

Dream meaning of dead mother

The dream interpretation of dead mother is a good symbol. Your dead mother in your dream suggests that you will overcome your problems and issues that bothers you will disappear. Also you will be supported by your family, you will succeed at your work and will leave your competitors behind. Besides your mother and father will give you their blessings.

Dream about dead grandmother

To see your grandmother who has died in your dream denotes that you will be a partner in a partnership and owing to this partnership your business will get better. It may be a sign of buying a house or earning a lot of money. Also the dream may symbolize a love story which make you feel blessed.

Dreaming with dead father

To dream of dead father symbolizes coming nice days. You will establish a relation with a experienced businessman and make a deal, due to this partnership you will be successful at your work. You will resolve the difficulties and feel happy.  


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  1. Hi,
    I am Ali. I am 40 yrs old and for last 5 months I am dreaming (approx. once in 4 days, so sometimes two nights in a row and sometimes once in 5 days) an exact same dream. I mean exact in every sense. I am healthy, I am ok in terms of income, I can’t say if I am a good human or not: but I ALWAYS tell myself explicitly what is going on in my thoughts and the emotions that I sense.So morally good, bad or neutral I tell myself about the me in my ‘heart n mind’. I do lie, however I don’t lie to benefit personally in terms of money or getting any influence over matters of power in any way, beyond a small extent: so I can lie to a friend that I can’t take her call saying I am busy with work while I’d be watching an Akira Kurosawa movie. But if a friend or anyone tells me there is a puppy stuck in a pit and nobody is taking it out, honestly just out of the habit that I prefer not to ignore anyone in pain if I know I have resources to help, I would pause the movie go get the puppy out (unless I find that I myself might get hurt, in which case I feel sad and I know that the one in pain will never forgive me if that creature survives and life puts me at its mercy, but I let it go and go home to resume my movie: though over decades my heart is full of too much where I know people waste resources over things that to my straightforward mind are useless … I mean people fighting over what must have happened some 1200 yrs back and ignoring that one hardly finds one’s true face even after decades of self observation … I would any day prefer to spend the bit of money I earn for getting an insect safe then purchase an expensive huge car, knowing that people will be nice to me hoping that I will share my money with them if I display my wealth but in their hearts they don’t love me just as I don’t love others … well I do love the creatures or even grass that suffer due to big bloated egoistic power groups or individuals doing things that even at age 13 I knew is useless: one must not start what one can’t take … AND WHETHER CHRIST OR FAMOUS PROPHETS OR SAINTS OR MYSTICS EXISTED OR NOT I know that I have NEVER met a single human who instead of respecting any of her/his/its Great Soul/s of choice will try to use in daily life what that soul has conveyed as methods of handling life – if at all that soul has ever really existed … living humans that I have met – other than myself NEVER tell their own selves why they do what they do – I am not saying that people do things bad or good, I say that they manage to lie to their own self so well that they start living by what they knew at one time they said as a lie: humans I have met have been good as well as bad to me personally, in fact same human will be nice to me in some way and cruel in some other way or will change over days even hours AS DO I MYSELF … BUT I AM AWARE OF MY EVIL OR A BIT OF EMPATHY, MY SORROW IS THAT I HAVE NOT MET A SINGLE HUMAN WHO IS AWARE OF HIS/HER/ITS CONSCIOUS MIND – please note, I don’t know if there is some unconscious mind as by definition it is not the part I know, yes I sense a background tendency of my thoughts and emotions and body movements … I spend entire waking time in finding how I can use my own existing mind to make it do what I have over years figured out from various sources and experiences that might be good for me and won’t damage others … I am as selfish as always, just that I am more aware of it now and just as I know I shall always need to defecate or micturate and as I did by age 4 or five with the courteous help from my parents, extended family or elders that I go to a toilet to defecate, then wash off my body parts ONLY because it causes a stink if not washed and it will get me into a situation that people call illness and I get into pain and I shall cause same to others too LIKEWISE I know my selfishness will stay with me during my waking hours but I can manage it in ways that it neither hurts me nor others AND I know even if someone is very good to me and others, that person is not to be trusted if she or he or it is being good without being in touch with its own accessible thoughts or feelings and emotions etc. … I find it very very strange when someone claims to be “Selfless” or “Holy” or “Loving others more than its own ego/ ideology type mental constructs” because I am a mortal with limited time and limits that my body or mind has and I have personally investigated some living humans that I came across or in three cases I spent time and money to go and without being intrusive checked with great hope if the person in normal life has managed to handle selfishness without any extra/abnormal external help just as that person would need a toilet as external help for personal hygiene … I would hope that there must be something that I need to learn and I too can “love unconditionally”. But all I have seen in my adult life now that I am 40 is that people lie to themselves and then some start believing their own lies along with a support group sometimes. I must mention that I have read and actively chased words of various dead Saintly or Prophet category humans and their advice has always been VERY VERY USEFUL. But that is because I gave their advice a sincere try and have done so patiently. I have NOT SEEN SUCH MYSTIC AND EXCELLENT advice to be limited to any single major ideology, and I have benefited from advice of living humans too but I REPEAT I AM UNABLE TO FIND A HUMAN WHO IS MORE IN TOUCH WITH ITS THOUGHT AND FEELING PATTERNS AS I HAVE BECOME OVER YEARS AND I DON’T SAY IT IS A TOUGH JOB OR IT IS EXCLUSIVE TO ME … I started loosing hope of finding a person who would lie to others but not itself, some 8 yrs back. Especially when I realised that human individuals as well as huge organisations of various colours and purpose NEVER PLACE ANY VALUE ON THIS, instead humans and organisations of this species insist on trying to be “Good”/”Selfless” and everyone is eager to “Teach” which is in reality plain criticising just so as to feel “I am so good” … all the while I see this as an attempt to choosing a goal that demands one not to defecate, fart or micturate EVER. Then there are some who go opposite of that: they say “Greed is good”. They say energy comes when one’s selfishness is made blind and unbridled. I see that they to me mean that let us defecate where ever we are when the impulse comes and not wait a moment … both sort of humans talk about becoming “Great”. I really do know the SO WIDE SPECTRUM of meanings of “Great” for the living humans.And I myself found that I want to be happy in a sustainable way – though I don’t think it is possible beyond an extent – I prefer to know genuine laughter and things that cause it, I like people to do whatever work is needed in a situation BUT I don’t need anyone to respect me or find anything superior in me that we all cannot attain, nor do I want to be inferior, I want people to laugh among themselves and also involve me with a bit of care for my interests though not as much as they care for their own interests, I don’t want to be in so much drama where people keep stern faces deliberately: I agree that the face can be grave just as it happened when December 12 2018 my daughter who was paralysed due to some disease not understood by current medicine (by coincidence of my birth in a non materially poor family and its accompanying benefits and a bit of efforts of my own that I make by using my mind’s spontaneous tendencies I could attempt as far as best of current medicine could go) for 26 yrs died without pain, though earlier she had suffered before I met her. Yes, I know biologically she is not related to me but my tears flow EVERY SINGLE TIME I SAW HER OR RECALL HER … if that doesn’t make her my daughter then nothing will. She is not the first kid that I lost after trying hard, as I struggle with my own self interests. I really stopped counting after some 21 kid or so … I know why my kids die … because only those does my selfish heart allow to enter who are weak with almost no support and I understand their selfishness needs to be catered to at least in a basic level that allows them to live in some periods of comfort and die without being in pain. I hold the humans who waste resources over “Desire for Greatness or Teaching Goodness”. What goodness? We humans should see that all we can do is to align things, forces in our minds and outside our bodies in a way that WE MANAGE SELFISHNESS JUST AS WE MANAGE DEFECATION, SLEEP, HUNGER,etc. On our own we humans can’t construct the skyscrapers or the planes that we then collide into the skyscrapers while different individuals don’t allow everyone space. Just because we are not busy knowing our selves we get THESE DREAMS OF GODLINESS OR AGNOSTICISM OR HEDONISM OR SO MUCH ELSE and then we feel self-important as some think they have a God to save while some say they are rational minds …


    I am truly dreaming a super identical dream where a part towards end is that I am standing and at the same time I am seeing the back of my own self. I see a hooded face covered person walk up behind me in stealth and the person (man or woman, can’t figure out as the person is covered in some ninja sort of clothing) shoots me in the head point blank. At this point my awareness of seeing myself from behind me goes away and I get only aware of me sort of getting pulled out of my own body. I feel a bit uncomfortable BUT I GET A SENSE OF JOY due to the thought that at last I can know whether Allah/God/Narayan is pleased with me or displeased. I don’t have any expectation or fear, but I am very curious to know. And my heart starts getting a sort of happiness that comes from my self awareness that on my own, spontaneously all I care is if God is pleased or not. The dream has been ending right at this point.

    With love I end this by telling you that I sincerely don’t bother getting my dream interpreted.

    Kindly know that I UNDERSTAND AND KNOW what this is about. Spooks never did anything helpful.

    I won’t judge you nor can I tell you that there is or is not some God/Allah/Narayan. I was telling one of my favourite kids who is 14 yrs old about Hazrat Ali and what a beautiful person he must have been if what I have been told is true. So I mentioned Hzt. Ali’s skills with zulfiquar and how Hzt. Ali could be very strong if he were trying to establish management of selfishness (in Urdu and Arabic the term is “zabt e nafs”). Hzt. Ali I am told would take physical fight and sword fight as a very distasteful option to ask people that we should keep helping each other manage selfishness as it is THE ONLY DANGEROUS ENTITY. People back then or now are the same, popular culture never gets out of the foolish collective “respect only power”. So Hzt. Ali had to display his fighting skills just so that people would take him seriously. There is an excellent passage in Holy Ramaayan which says same about Shri Ram. I wanted my kid to appreciate uselessness of violence. So I quoted Hzt. Ali and few others who I have not met while they were alive. This boy got fascinated by a long explanation about how humans can be strong if they are managing selfishness and get very weak if they try to attain zero selfishness or let selfishness rule unbridled. In the process I needed to mention Bruce Lee, the origin of martial arts as Kung Fu, Yoga,… I said a bit about the sword zulfiquar. He made me google for a pic and I clicked one at random … as it goes I landed on your website. I read few pages and then went to trace this digitally as I happen to know a bit about many trades.

    I do feel sad that instead of using resources for plain management of selfishness, you are giving mysticism a bad name. All the while you live in ignorance while playing games that are only eating up your own limited life breaths.

    I wrote this with a heavy heart and not a bit of anger. Kindly don’t delude yourself regarding what dreams can be or MORE IMPORTANTLY ABOUT WHAT COVERT OPERATIONS ACCOMPLISH. Just be normal and mysticism will quietly walk into your life … no need for swords, guns, gold, … laugh and loose your ego in a second.

    Happy dreaming friends !!!

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