Dream Meaning of Teeth Falling Down

The dream meaning of teeth falling down usually symbolizes bad luck. It is a sign of misfortune. You may have hard times and experience bad situations. You may give up all worldly things because of difficult times. Alternatively, teeth falling down means you will lose your money and properties and as a result your power and authority will decrease.

Moreover, it suggests that you have to make some decisions in your business life but you think you are not competent to make the right decision. That is because you don’t believe your knowledge and skills are enough to step forward in your business. So, you feel anxious when you face with a problem.

Teeth falling down also signifies that one of your friends, relatives or a member of your family will get sick or have difficulties. So, you will get bad news about this person.

On the contrary, the dream sometimes implies that you are very healthy and you will live for a long time. You are careful with your health and what to eat. You play sports regularly and you pay attention to good nutrition.

If you see that your teeth are falling down and broken in your dream, it indicates that you will get into trouble in your business life but hard times will end up quickly. If you are trying to refit your falling teeth back, then it is a sign of lack of self-confidence. You may be feeling uncomfortable because of your short-comings and you are afraid of others’ thoughts about you.

To dream with teeth falling down and teething

To see that your teeth are falling down and you are teething again in your dream shows that you will overcome your problems in your business and private life. You will struggle with the troubles determinedly and you will succeed to get rid of them in the end.

The dream interpretation of teething

Teething is usually a good symbol. You are experiencing a rough time nowadays and you are unhappy but you will get over this period. Someone will support you and you will overcome your problems with the help of this person. This person may be one of your close friends, a member of your family or one of your relatives.

Falling down rotting teeth

The dream about falling down rotting teeth refers to good times. You will get rid of your problems and unhappiness. If you have debts, you will repay all of them and feel comfortable in terms of financially. If you are ill, then the dream suggests that you will get better. It also refers to your good wishes about the future.

Having rotting teeth in dream indicates that you said some words which you shouldn’t have and these words will cause some problem for you.

Dream meaning of teeth broken

To dream that your teeth is broken usually refers to bad news. You may learn that one of your friends will get into trouble. This person is the one who you like very much. In addition the dream may symbolizes your wrong words. You will have to struggle with the consequences of your words in the following days.

To pull out a tooth

The dream interpretation of pulling out a tooth implies that you get bored because you are living in the same neighbourhood and you are working in the same environment for a long time. Also, you think you are meeting with the same friends all the time. As a result, you will do something to liven up your life in a short time. If it hurts while your are pulling your teeth out of your mouth in dream, then it symbolizes something which you will do unwillingly.

Swinging teeth

The dream with swinging tooth implies bad luck. It is interpreted as that you will face with some difficulties in your business life and you will experience bad situations. These situations will cause loss and you won’t be able to compensate this loss easily.

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