Dream Meaning of Vault

Seeing a vault in your dream implies that you will embark upon big and auspicious businesses in the future, on these you will achieve outstanding success and these successes will bring a great fame. You will benefit both yourself and your country with these businesses, and will live a healthy life away from stress and sadness.

Seeing a vault key

Seeing a vault key indicates problems will be overcome in a fast and safe way and in the meantime you will get help from someone very close to you. It symbolises someone who is very hearty, sincere and also wealthy and will not let you down.

Dream Interpretation of Opening a vault

Opening a vault in your dream or seeing a vault which is open symbolises your personal life and personal information. Your very special and important affairs, situations which you are hiding from everyone to the utmost degree will be disclosed and spread out.

Seeing a vault full of money

Seeing a vault full of many doesn’t mean anything good or auspicious like it may be thought.It indicates you will be burdened and be distressed. It also implies you will face more than one problem or trouble and will be distressed for a long time.

Seeing an open vault

Seeing an open vault implies your goods and possessions will be ruined because of misfortune. It is indicated that any health problems occurring to you will be caused according to your mental state.

Locking a vault

It implies you avoid letting your gain taken, stolen away or become in vain. It symbolises that you are aware of how earnings are very important to live your life and you don’t spend your salary extravagantly, how you think about tomorrows and are worried about what may harm it in the future.

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