Dream Meaning of Injury

To see injury in dream has different interpretations. The interpretation depends on how you were injured and which part of your body was injured. The dream meaning of injury may represent that a serious illness and pain. If the injury is infected, then it means that you will have hard times for a long time. Besides, an infected injury indicates you will be unhappy because of yourself. You will cause a problem with your own behaviour.

The dream may also signify that you will have to struggle some difficulties on your own. If you are a rich person, injury in your dream refers to that you will lose your properties and money and as a result get poorer. Your family or relatives may be the reason of your losing money. If you are businessman, injury in dream reflects that you will make loss and have worse financial position. People around you will feel sorry for you because your bad situation.  

The dream interpretation of injury is usually a sign of unluck and bad symbols. It implies serious illness for old people.  Blood on the injury may imply crying. In addition, bloody injury may illustrate difficult living standards. To see that your injury is healing over in your dream indicates that your problems will be end up step by step and you will have happy days in the end.    
Alternatively, to dream that you are injured suggests you are working very hard and you need to slow down or stop for a while.  

The dream meaning of injury on belly

The dream interpretation of an injury on your belly is usually a sign of a financial loss. Especially for businessmen and merchants, it signifies that the dreamer will make wrong decisions about business and  make wrong investments. As a result, you will fall into debt. Alternatively, you will have some problems with your business partner and these problems will cause some financial loss.

Psychological interpretation of injury in dream

The dream with injury reflects your negative feelings. You are a person who feels desperate and lonely in daily life. It usually symbolizes the people who do not trust anybody around them. You don’t want to meet new people because you are afraid of being in pain.

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