Dream Meaning of Pregnancy

The dream meaning of pregnancy usually symbolizes bad luck. It means you will face with big problems in your business or private life and you won’t succeed to get rid of them although you struggle to overcome these problems. Actually you will try to deal with them determinedly but you won’t be able to do anything.

Dream meaning of being pregnant

Being pregnant in dream means that your properties will increase, your financial position will improve and you will get richer. Besides, people around you will respect you more. You will be accepted as a model for the others with the help of your parents’ compliments about you. Your neighbours and relatives will also tell good things about you.

Being pregnant may indicate that a field of your life is improving. Maybe you are not ready to talk about that field but you are aware of this development. It illustrates a new idea, project or goal in your mind. If you see that you don’t know you are pregnant in your dream, then it shows you are ignoring something or have tendency to accept them. You don’t want to understand or realize a situation although it is clear for everyone.

To dream that you are trying to get pregnant symbolizes your desire of satisfaction. On the contrary to dream that you are trying not to get pregnant is a sign of your fears about taking responsibilities.

If you see that you are pregnant but the baby is dying inside you, this represents that one of your projects which you had put much effort will fail in the end. If you are a young girl, then the dream of your pregnancy means that your family will feel unhappy because of your big mistakes and they will be disappointed. It may also be a sign of a partner who is not suitable for you.

If the dreamer is pregnant in her real life, then the dream is interpreted as she is anxious about her pregnancy. This anxiety may be about possible health problems about the birth or being a good mother.

Alternatively, being pregnant in your dream may symbolize your strong wishes about getting married and having babies.

If a male sees that he is pregnant in dream suggests that he has some secrets which he doesn’t want to tell anyone. These secrets are related to his past and made him unhappy on those days. The dream shows that he is afraid that those secrets will come into the open.

The dream interpretation of a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman in your dream suggests that you will have bad days in your social or family life and those days will last for a long time. Your mental health will get worse because of your problems. Alternatively, to dream about someone’s pregnancy implies that you are looking forward to having a strong connection with that person.

Dream with your wife’s pregnancy

The dream that your wife is pregnant indicates that you will embark on a new job and you will gain a lot of money. Also you will work on new projects with using this money.

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