Dream Meaning of Park

To see park in a dream means that you will hear good news about your sister/brother, child or younger relative.

To see that you walk around in the park alone in your dream represents that you will consign your own jobs to your relative who is younger than you. Alternatively, you will share your secret with this person.

To see of sitting in the park in your dream signifies that you will have to choose one among people whom you love too much. However, this decision won’t be very easy for you.

To dream that the park is beautiful, clean, full of flowers and greens may represent achievement which you family will have. If you see that you are happy in the park in your dream, you will be proud of a family member’s success and your life will change positively.

To see that the park is unclean, in ruins in your dream may imply that your expectancy which you see as the last chance will be concluded as negatively.

To dream that you are living in the park means that you will fall in love with younger person than you. You will take advice from an experienced but young person.

To see a park which is surrounded with high walls in your dream indicates that you will find support about implementation of your dream. Alternatively, you will have hope again about an issue which you lost hope for before thanks to a young person.

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