Dream Meaning of Turning on a Lamp

The dream meaning of turning on a lamp indicates a good symbol. The dream usually denotes surprising and good news or stepping towards a comfortable life. Turning on a lamp in your dream suggests that you will be successful and live in prosperity owing to your right decisions related to career and/or educational issues.

To dream that you are turning on a lamp may be a sign of overcoming any obstacle. It means you are a kind of person who is very honest, reputable and widely respected.

Besides, to see that you are turning on a lamp in your dream is interpreted as your attempts which may turn to some innovations and success. Starting a new business or investing are among those attempts. Your dream symbolizes that it’s the right time to do something new for yourself.  

Dream meaning of switching off a lamp

To see that you are switching off a lamp in your dream suggests that you have some secrets or you get suspicious about all people. These secrets might be related to your mistakes which you don’t want your family to learn. It is because your family may get upset when they know your secrets. But your attitude will make you feel in a tight corner in the future.

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of turning off a lamp suggests that you will gain less money than you gained in the old days or your debt will increase because of your laziness. You will also experience difficulties due to missing some opportunities.

Dreaming with breaking a lamp

To dream that you are breaking a lamp suggests that you will make very significant decisions which affect your whole life and life conditions. Dream meaning of breaking a lamp is usually a bad symbol. The dream is interpreted as being fired or bad luck. If the broken lamp is at your house, then the dream may indicate harsh words which will be told by your family members. If broken lamp is at your workplace, then it means you will have an argument with your managers or bosses.  

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of to turn on a lamp

The psychological interpretation of turning on a lamp in dream implies that you are a gentle and tolerant person in your social circle. You usually try to help people, support and lead them.


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