Dream Meaning of Roasted Chickpea

To dream about roasted chickpea suggests that you are spending all your money on many compulsory expenditures and so that your salary is not enough for your personal needs. In other words, dreaming with roasted chickpea indicates that your salary is barely sufficient for your debts and you have to live from hand to mouth. But roasted chickpea implies good feelings, too. Despite of the fact that you have a bare living, you are always a happy person and you always cheer your family up.   

Besides, to dream about roasted chickpea may be interpreted as your feelings and thoughts related to nutrition, eating, cooking or kitchen.

Dream meaning of eating roasted chickpea

Eating roasted chickpeas in your dream implies a bad symbol. To see that you are eating roasted chickpea in your dream may suggest that you will witness some hard times and difficulties. The dream denotes that you will face with some problems and feel unpleasant.

To buy roasted chickpea in your dream

The dream interpretation of buying roasted chickpea illustrates that you will get into debt because of someone else. So, buying roasted chickpeas in dream usually denotes bad luck. It may symbolize your obligation to repay a debt which is someone else’s debt and your acting without thinking will cause this negativity.

To see roasting chickpea in your dream

To dream about roasting chickpea illustrates that you will face with an event which makes you feel very angry. Maybe you will suffer from somebody else’s fault even if you are not included in any process. This will force you to be in a tight situation.

Dreaming with sugar-coated chickpea

The dream meaning of sugar-coated chickpea means that you are living in clover and you are cheerful person. Besides, it indicates that you will have a good marriage and everything will be alright in your private life.

Dream meaning of roasted chickpeas and raisins

The dream interpretation of roasted chickpeas and raisins may symbolize feelings about nutrition and food. Besides, dreaming with raisins is usually a sign of sweetness.

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