Dream Meaning of Teeth

Teeth are the most common symbols in dreams. The dream about decaying of teeth, falling of your teeth may turn into nightmares. Some researchers claim that adult people dream about teeth more than children and young people. The interpretation of teeth will change depending of your dream.

Teeth in a dream represent many different meanings. The dream interpretation of teeth may point out your family, the increase of your salary, sadness, your unnecessary expenses or quarrel with your relatives.

The dream about teeth falling

If you see that all your teeth are falling down in your dream, it indicates that you will get bad news and those news will make you very unhappy. To hold your teeth into you hand after they fall down suggest that you will make peace with your relatives who you haven’t communicated for a long time.

The dream interpretation of catching your teeth while they are falling down before they touch the ground indicates that one of your family members have an illness. This illness will make you unhappy but you will get good news after a short while.

Alternatively, to dream that all of you teeth are falling down signifies the number of people in your house. It may symbolize new guests or a baby that increase the number of people.

To lose your teeth after they fall down in your dream represents that your relatives will go to another city or abroad to work. How many teeth you lose points out how many relatives will go. Their going will be good for them and they will be in better situations when they return.

If your teeth don’t stay in your mouth after falling down, it indicates that your relatives are not satisfied with you or they feel offended because of your attitude and they reproach you. They can talk to you directly about their dissatisfaction or gossip about you. According to another interpretation, to see the loss of your teeth shows that you will get through a severe illness.

Toothache in dream

The dream meaning of toothache suggests that you may feel sad because of some situations about your children.You may misunderstand your children’s words and behaviours. Toothache in dream also implies unexpected annoying events.

According to another dream interpretation, to dream about toothache indicates that you will spend an unforeseen expenditure. You may have financial difficulties due to this expenditure. Therefore, you should be very careful when buying something and review your financial situation. You should avoid from luxury expenses and try to save your money by restricting your expenses as much as possible at the moment.

Cabir Mağribi, the dream interpreter, make a different interpretation of toothache. If you hold your teeth with your hand to put up with toothache, it means you will experience good situations. If you have used both of your hands to hold your teeth, that refers to new furniture or immovables which you will purchase.

Front teeth

The loss of the front teeth indicates that you will have a quarrel with your boy or sibling and you will break their heart by what you say. Because of what you say, you won’t communicate with each other for a long time. For this reason, no matter how frustrated you are, try to pay attention to what you are saying.

The falling of your front tooth in dream also indicates birth news. If you are pregnant you may give birth to a boy. Alternatively, a sister or brother may be born.

Increasing the number of your front teeth in dream indicates that you will receive support from powerful people. This support will be received when you need it.

Long front teeth is generally appreciated by the public. Therefore, if your front teeth is longer in your dream, that is interpreted positively.

The dream about teething

When you dream that you are teething and have a new tooth in your dream, that represents that you will have a son. If this new tooth is one of your upper teeth, you will have a boy, if it is one of your lower teeth, you will have a girl.

Pulling teeth

To dream that you are pulling your tooth implies that you will less meet with your relatives. If you see blood at the same time in your mouth, you will commit a sin because of this condition.

To see that you are pulling another person’s tooth in dream shows that you will benefit from a bad event which happens to someone around you.

The dream meaning of broken teeth

To dream about a broken tooth implies repaying your debt. If you are in debt, broken teeth symbolize that you will repay your debt in pieces. To see that your tooth is breaking has the same meaning.

Golden teeth

The dream interpretation of golden teeth differs according to what you see. The dream is sometimes interpreted as that there will be a fire in your house. According to another interpreter the dreamer catch an illness like jaundice. On the contrary some dream interpreters claim that dreaming golden teeth is a good symbol. They say that golden teeth signifies wealty. That means you will earn more money at work or your profit will increase if you are a commercial.

Silver teeth

Silver teeth in dream indicates rumors about your financial situation. These rumors can hurt you when you hear them. Therefore, the dream may be a warning for you not to talk about your financial situation with other people. You should share it only with your relatives and close friends.

Rotten tooth

The decay of your teeth indicates that income or wealth of your family will decrease. If your teeth begin to swing at the same time in your dream, this implies that as well as the income shortage you will spend your money on unnecessary things. Alternatively, the dream may signify that you may have uttered some lies those lies will hurt you.

Few teeth in your mouth

To see that your teeth are very few and widely apart shows that your income will decrease because of some disagreements among your family members. On the contrary, the dream of growing teeth all over inside your mount suggests that you try to defend yourself against something and you may be very aggressive about it.

Dental staining

The dream of dental staining is interpreted as that you will experience hard times and face with some troubles in the following days.

Good looking teeth

The dream meaning of good looking teeth indicates that you will be appreciated by your relatives. According to other dream interpreters, having good looking teeth in the dream means that you will earn more money in your business life. You may also have a lucky time and you may gain a large amount of money although you don’t expect and never think of it. It the good looking teeth are belong to other people, then the dream represents that those people will become rich.

Ugly looking teeth

The dream of ugly looking teeth is a sign of being teased. You may be teased by your relatives or friends.

Having a tooth out in dream

To see that you are having a tooth out in your dream suggests that your income will increase. So, having a tooth out is usually a good symbol in terms of financial situations.

Tooth darkening

The darkening of your teeth symbolize bad luck or hard times. The dream indicates that you will experience bad days in your social or business life.

Having a tooth filled

If you dream of having your teeth filled, then the dream means that you will have some trouble in financial terms. You may lose you money or your income may decrease.

The dream interpretation of denture

To dream that you have a denture suggests that you will be successful in your job. This dream is also interpreted as that you will have what you want in your life. On the contrary, to see that another person has a denture means you get harm because of one who is two-faced. Therefore, the dream is a kind of warming for you to be careful people around you. For example you shouldn’t believe everything.

Dentist in dream

Seeing a dentist in your dream signifies a dilemma. The subject which is a dilemma for you may bother you but you shouldn’t be pessimistic. Because a friend will help and save you from this annoying situation. This helping hand will take your troubles away from you.

Brushing your teeth

The dream suggests that you don’t want to be criticized and you usually create barriers around you to be able to protect yourself. To see that you don’t want to brush your teeth in your dream refers to that you usually speak your mind even if your words offend others.

Psychological interpretation of the teeth in the dream

One of the common things which people see in their dreams for thousands of years are teeth. The linking of dental vision to the disease or death is related to ancient Greek culture. In the Far East, the loss of teeth in dream often refers to that the dreamer is lying in real life or the dreamer is told lies by people around him or her. However, when we try to interpret those dreams from the Islamic point of view, we see that the teeth expresses the material damages. So how can we interpret teeth in terms of psychology?

Rotten teeth

To see rotten teeth in dream usually signify that you have a big regret for what you said before. Sometimes we cannot fit our sayings or utterances for ourselves even though we are right. These negative feelings like our regrets are symbolized in your dream as rotten teeth.

Bright teeth

Bright, white and sparkling teeth in dream represents your inner peace and happiness. You may have achieved your goals and be successful in any subject.

Teeth falling down

To see that your teeth are falling down from your mouth and you are trying to put them back in your dream may symbolize lack of self-confidence. You may have been in an environment that you felt embarrassed.

Alternatively, this dream often brings about negative senses. This may be a reflection of your negative feelings that have already existed in your subconscious. You may be experiencing some situations which really bother you but you can’t control. You should think carefully to find out the reason for seeing this dream. You’re probably not aware of your negative feelings because you’ve already suppressed them. The reasons may include uncertain work situations, sexual inadequacy, shyness, fear of deceiving or fear of failure.

Loss of teeth

If you dream of losing your teeth, the dream refers to that you’re under pressure. Although you try to ignore some of your fears, they are bothering you. These fears can be related to failure or your setting goals higher than you can reach. Fear of failure can stem from lack of self-confidence. What you are trying to hide from your friends may bring about stress. In addition, financial difficulties may also be on the agenda. Fear of loneliness or financial difficulties may have led to such a dream. The loss of teeth in your dreams is often related with fear of losing.

The dream of wisdom teeth

The dream interpretation of wisdom teeth usually indicates the new beginnings. The dream refers to good luck.

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