Dream Meaning of Telephone

The dream meaning of telephone symbolizes good things. It shows that you will hear promising and gladden words or you will get promotion at work. Telephone in dream also represents a person who always supports you in all situations and leaves you alone. If you see that you are talking on telephone, that refers to you will finally hear the words you which wants to hear for a long time. The ringing of telephone means an important conversation or a new job.

Telephone in dream is interpreted in different ways. In some situations, telephone symbolizes abundance and wealth whereas in some situations it refers to poverty and neediness.

The dream meaning of talking on phone

Talking on telephone in the dream indicates that some good and pleasing developments. You may hear pleasing news and be happy. Dream with a cell phone is also interpreted in the same way.

In addition, talking to someone on phone refers to that you will have a good fortune. It may symbolizes reaching goals and fulfilling you longings. For example you may meet you love who you haven’t been seen for a long time. You may visit your parents if you are living far from them. If you have a relative living abroad, he or she may come back to your city and visit you. Briefly, talking on phone may refer to coming together.

To call someone in dream

To call someone in dream suggests that there is someone who supports and protects you every time and appreciates you. That person feels that she or he is responsible for you, always believes you. That person may be one of your parents, a member of your family, your spouse or a close friend.  

Buying a Phone

The dream interpretation of buying a phone signifies good news and beautiful days. You will get promotion at work and you will get a higher title. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you wants to transfer you belongings to another person and you will be do that in a short time.

The dream about ringing

To see that you phone is ringing in dream represents short time. It may imply that you will start something and you will complete the task in a short while. The thing may be a situation out of your control. There will be situation which will begin and finish immediately.

On the other hand, who is calling you might be important. It indicates someone need you and calling you. The interpretation of ringing sometimes depends on who is at the phone and what is the issue.   

Alternatively, ringing of phone suggests that you will have a comfortable life, your business will always be successful and there will be people who support you every time. They are always ready to help you.

To dream about losing phone

To dream with losing you phone means that your communication with others will weaken and you want to get far away from your friends. You may take a stand against your friends because of an unpleasant event and you good relations may come to an end.

Broken phone in dream

To see a broken phone in dream means that you will fail in an examination or will be unsuccessful. You may get an unpleasant result from an interview or job application. The dream usually may symbolize that you cannot achieve your one of your goals which has a vital importance for you. That failure may affect your career, too.  

If you see that your phone screen is broken in dream, that means you will face with some problems and difficulties in an occupation which is progressing very well and bringing you a big amount of profit. Maybe, you cannot performance in an effective way as in the past and that affects your work and earning.

If you see that you phone is not working, then the dream represents that you may miss some opportunities at work and cannot reach your goals such as living in luxury.

The phone screen’s cracking is a sign of problems about one of your close friends. Your friendship may come to an end because of some misunderstanding or negativities.

To find a phone

To dream about finding a phone shows that there will be good things in your education or business. You will obtain new things and they are really valuable. These things may be new relationships, new goals, net status or new properties.

To dream of phone number     

Phone number indicates that you will experience good time which you are expecting for, you will achieve your goals and be appreciated. You may feel yourself lucky. If you spend your time on beneficial things and ideas, you will have everything you want and have a very comfortable life.

Being stolen of a phone in dream

The dream of being stolen your phone represents that you will lose you job because of some unexpected developments in the following days. Lack of a document or something necessary in a project will cause a big financial loss. You may lose you salary and this will affect you negatively. Alternatively, being stolen of a phone indicates that your loss may stem from external factors not individual reasons.

Stealing a phone in dream

Stealing a phone in your dream suggests that you are curious to know everything about another person including his or her private life. This curiosity may be about a person whom you fall in love. For example you want to know whether she or he have a spouse or not.

To see a red phone

Red phone may be a sign of relationship. Thanks to a close friend, you will meet with someone and you will fall in love. This new person will bring you happiness and in the end you may get marry.

To dream with a cell phone

It means that you will earn more money and gain profit thanks to you right decisions and appropriate steps in your business. Alternatively, a cell phone in dream may suggest that you will get a good job and you will have a good salary. You feel that this job is really a good opportunity and better than the previous ones. Your wealth will increase in the following days.  

The dream meaning of finding a cell phone

To dream about finding a cell phone symbolizes getting rich in a short time. You will step forward with a crowded group of people and you will complete a big Project. Completing the Project will bring you a lot of money.  

A phone case in dream

Phone case in dream represents that you will do shopping to buy your needs but you will buy lots of things although some of them are unnecessary. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes that you spend your money on luxury, new clothes, jewellery.

The dream of selling phone

To see that you are selling phones in you dream that represents that you will start a business in a popular sector. This business will be on luxury consumption and you will earn more than you think. Also, you will be a very famous person and make high profit.

Writing a phone number in a dream

It means that an you will solve a problem which you have tried to solve for a long time. There may be an unnecessary hostility and you may carry out this hostility with you tolerance. At the same time, the dream means that you will strengthen your family ties.

Phone headset

The dream interpretation of phone headset Shows that you will learn a secret which should be known by only one person. You won’t share that secret with anyone. Alternatively, headsets may symbolize that you will have to struggle some difficulties.

To give a phone as a gift

The dream of giving a phone as a gift indicates that you will help someone who feel lonely and desperate. You will support that person, will provide him with a job and give him a friendly environment.

Psychological interpretation of phone in dream

The telephone refers to more than one emotion. It may symbolize your emotions concerning your private, individual, business and social life, your relations with your family and your expectations about life. The phone has a must in our Daily life. The only news that we will learn on the phone might make all our plans upside down, or on the contrary, make us forget all our troubles. The phone is an important tool in our lives. In addition, it can affect our destiny. Therefore, it shows that you are waiting for a message, news or trying to learn a truth.

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