Dream Meaning of Corset

To see a corset in your dream is a sign of a progress in your career. It also indicates that you will advance in the business life as a director position and that you will enter a fortunate path or reach a person who is yearned for soon. On the other hand, if the dream owner is a single person, he / she can receive a marriage proposal and also will overcome the obstacles encountered on the way. It is also possible to take a decision which will benefit in a short time period. Dreaming of a corset also means that you will make peace with the person who you have broken or that you will generate more income in each step you will take. Moreover, it is also believed that there will be developments in your job life and happiness will come up to your private life.

Taking a corset in your dream tells that you will shed tears of happiness, your heartbreak will get better as soon as possible and your dreams will come true soon.

Wearing a corset in your dream indicates that a job offer from a distant place will be accepted and that you will not leave righteousness.

Fixating a corset in your dream shows that your enjoyment will go off in parallel with the happenings to will be experienced and therefore pleasant and comfortable days will end unfortunately. In addition to this, almost all difficulties of the business life will be occurred in a short time.

To wear a corset to your waist in your dream is a token of a great opportunity that comes your feet and a sign of ending of bad and tough situations. It means hard times will pass and sunny days will come finally.

To wear a white corset in your dream indicates that you will have a happy family life and all your future projects will come to fruition.

To dream of wearing of a black corset in your dream means that you will be in high spirits. It is also a token of earning an income which you’ve never earned up to today. In addition, corsets represent wisdom, endurance and strength. The dreamer should take this into consideration and know that he is spiritually on the right track.

Washing a corset in your dream represents that you will get out of a mess in your life and reach prosperity.

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