Dream Meaning of Teasing

The dream meaning of teasing represents that you are an arrogant person and you like bragging about your possessions every time. You will experience a bad situation but instead of taking lessons from this experience you will continue bragging about yourself, which leaves you alone without any friends in your social and business life. Also it shows that you can’t stand criticism and failure. The dream may be a warning to give up bragging and to be grateful for your health, properties or people around you.

Alternatively, to see that you are teasing on your dream suggests that you behave inappropriately and you don’t take some situations seriously. On the other hand teasing in dream may be a sign of feeling as a victim. You feel that people cheat you or they take advantage of your good will.

To dream with teasing another person

To dream about teasing another person may signify self-criticism. You may have a problem with your character and the person who you are teasing may represent that character. So the dream may emphasize your unconscious self-assessment.

To dream about teasing an elder people

The dream interpretation of teasing an elder person points out that you will lose the support of your family because of your inappropriate attitude and arrogance. In the end you will be excluded by your social environment and feel lonely. If you don’t improve yourself, you will experience big problems at workplace, too.

To tease yourself in dream

Teasing yourself in your dream is a sign of your modest life. Although you are very successful in your business life and you have everything that you want, you do not brag about your wealth and success. So, people respect and appreciate you and you are really happy. In addition you pick your friends carefully and you avoid having contact with selfish or egotistical people.

Psychological Interpretation of Teasing

The dream usually points out inferiority complex and your fear of failure. It suggests that you are afraid of feeling ashamed or being humiliated so you prefer being asocial.

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