Dream Meaning of Corpse

To see a corpse in your dream symbolizes enormity instead of prosperity. It means that you will feel troubled and deplore due to unexpected bad news. Also, you will suffer lifetime sorrow with bereavements. Otherwise, dream meaning of a corpse is a sign of the one who needs support in a tough situation. In addition, it refers that things may not go as planned and therefore you will get into a scrape. It is also possible to have the hardest times for the one sees a corpse in his dream.

To see hiding a corpse in your dream is interpreted as you avoid to face the facts and endure the silence by the reason to ease the distress. However, keeping problems inside of yourself will cause to you fray much more.

To see that you carry a corpse in your dream indicates that you shoulder tremendous responsibility in your professional life. Your work is so great and important that it does not accept any mistake. You should be more careful and attentive to your work.

To see that you burry a corpse in your dream may represent that you will have nice things. It usually means that you will live propitious developments or benefit from somebody. It is also possible to say that you may inherit from your family.

To nose odor of a corpse in a dream means that you will take terrible news. You will have a disappointment and then you will be upside down for a long time. These happenings cause to not easily gather yourself up.

To dream of washing a corpse in your dream points out that you will do something for him or that you will be able to support him in the most difficult time. It also shows that you will do something to take his nice blessing for you.

To see shattered corpses in your dream refers that you may face troublesome and calamity events besides unexpected damage or financial loss. Seeing corpses in an environment like a blood bath interpreted to derive an improper personal benefit.

Seeing corpses which are shrouded in your dream means that you are among a number of hidden secrets. To see the corpses wrapped in shroud interpreted of dying people in a strange way. Furthermore, to see corpses in the street in your dream can be a sign of obstacles in work life or some guests coming home.

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