Dream Meaning of Lightning (Streak)

Dream Meaning of Lightning (Streak)

To see a lightning in a dream refers to power, extreme love, being misunderstood because of exaggerative behaviours.  You will have power and your sayings will be listened in your environment.

To see that lightning flashes in your dream may represent power and money which you will gain as much as the shine of lightning.

To dream that the lightning flashes in the morning refers to a person who asserts his/her love towards you soon. If the lightning flashes at night, this dream tells that there is a person who carries a torch for you.

To see that the lightning burns the places, ruin and devour in your dream may represent that people in your environment are bored of your excess interest. Your some behaviours which you did well intentionally are perceived as evil-minded by people. 

To dream that the lightning flashes on your head suggests that you will reveal the faults of your friend who always tries to underestimate you, you will separate your way with this person forever. Alternatively, this dream is telling you income which will be earned by chance, capture which will be won from war.

To see a person whom a lightning flashes on in your dream means that there is a person who avoids to come near you by thinking about you differently but this person wants to approach you. If the lightning flashes on an animal, it refers to a person whom you will get the value after s/he goes away from you.

To see of trying to escape from the lightning in your dream may indicate that by not being modest about an issue which you know well, you will draw reaction of people around you.

To dream that the lightning flashes on a plane, cloud or bird implies that you will handle a job which seems impossible. You will succeed to win back the favour of a person who doesn’t like you.

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