Dream Meaning of Secretary

To see a secretary in your dream refers to conflict of interest which you will win out and you will begin in order to protect interest or gaining’s which will be got as a result of difficult process. If you know this secretary, you will give support or help that person. Alternatively, a secretary in a dream symbolizes happiness and joy.

To see that you become a secretary in your dream may imply that you will go out from a stressful environment by being resistant psychology. Incidents will happen as you want, your expectancies will occur. If you see that you become a secretary but you aren’t known in your office, this dream refers to a fast environment change and being a person who want to be reached.

To see a secretary general in your dream refers to reaching your targets, being happy and a happy future.

To speak with a secretary in your dream means that everything is all right. If you go to dinner with a secretary in your dream, it symbolizes a gift which is necessary to be bought but was forgotten.

To discuss with a secretary in your dream may indicate that you take part in various social activities.

To dream that you kiss, have a sex with a secretary indicates that you will hear news you are waiting by means of a woman. You will be helped by a woman in order to reach a high status.

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