Dream Meaning of Deer

Dream Meaning of Deer

To see a deer in your dream means that a fortune will come from a foreign door, you will get rid of your troubles; you will use another person’s commodity.

To see a healthy and alive deer in your dream may represent that you will travel to a place which you will be hosted as your home. You will have a consignation which you will use comfortably as your own commodity.

To see or eat deer meat in your dream may indicate that your debt will be paid by another person, you will finish a debt which you go surety for without any problem.

To see a baby deer in your dream may signify that you will host a wealthy guest, your friend who has travelled will come back with gifts.

To dream that you catch or hunt a deer indicates that you will do business with a person whom your friend introduced to. You will develop an intimacy with this person. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will turn your back on people when your job finishes by utilizing from these well-intentioned people.

To dream that you feed a deer may indicate that you won’t get in return for your favor which you did by expecting something in return. A person whom you think that you gained his/her trust still doesn’t trust you.

To see the size and stateliness of the horns of a deer in your dream may indicate that many people will help you for the solutions of your problems and will be with you in your difficult times.

To see a dead deer in your dream refers to abundant but bad profit.

To dream that a deer falls from a place, tumbles down the cliff may represent that owner will want back a commodity which you have borrowed but haven’t given for a long time to the owner of the commodity.

To see the head of a deer in your dream refers to foreign scientist, trade secrets which will be got from this scientist. 

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