Dream Meaning of Wet

To see that you get wet in your dream refers to abundance and fruitfulness.

To see a person who gets wet in your dream may represent that this person will lose a lot of money and you will help this person.

To dream that a person wets you may symbolize abundance and fruitfulness within your family and a lot of money which will come soon.

To see that you wet some people in your dream may suggest that you will have a lot of money thanks to this person whom you wet.

To see of getting wet by falling into the sea in your dream implies that you will make good use of money which you have. You will be careful about not spending too much money by buying low-cost commodities.

To dream that you push at a person and wet this person denotes an entity which you will open by yourself or money which will come from this entity.

To see that you get wet in the rain in your dream refers to some amount of money which will go from your hands.

To dream that only your feet wet while it is raining symbolizes money which you will earn during a business journey.

To see of getting wet suddenly in your dream means that you don’t trust people whom you consign money to in your office. However, you think wrongly.

To dream that you get wet then you are cold may suggest that there are a lot of money which your family elders or people from your family save. You will be relaxed by utilizing this money in your difficult time.


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