Dream Meaning of Azrael (The Grim Reaper)

Dream Meaning of Azrael (The Grim Reaper)

To see Azrael, the grim reaper in your dream signifies a person who interfere in your decisions or you have to act together with.

To dream that when you see Azrael, you aren’t afraid of it indicates that you will have commodity, property and achievement in the world. If you are afraid of it in your dream, it means that you will continue to do with less.

To escape from the grim reaper in your dream may represent that you will realize your own mistake and try to compensate it.

If you are waiting for tAzrael in your dream, it means that you will be successful in your job as long as you show encouragement and indecisiveness. Alternatively, there will be a person who accepts you as long as you don’t give up.

To see that the grim reaper brings death knell in your dream indicates that you should err on the side of caution for the issues which you are worried about. Some of your doubts will happen in reality unless you are careful.

To kill Azrael in your dream may represent that you will win out over your enemy and as you eliminate your copartner, you will come into power by yourself.

To see that Azrael kills a person in your dream indicates that a person whom you will make business with will attract more considerable attention than you.

To speak with the grim reaper in your dream suggests that you will come to a mutual understanding with your enemy and you will meet people whom you don’t like because of gaining interest. Alternatively, it refers to important meetings and conversations related to business.

To see yourself as the grim reaper in your dream signifies that you will interfere with the life of your partner or person within your family. Because of this, these people will feel strange from you gradually.

To see that the grim reaper is laughing in your dream implies that deceitful copartner’s game will destroy. A person who does something behind your back will get out of your way.

To kiss Azrael in your dream symbolizes a person whom you go away due to health problems. If you kiss the grim reaper’s hand, it means that you will have a short trip to get big inheritance.

To greet the grim reaper in your dream implies that you will make your partner happy by exhibiting good behaviours. Alternatively, it denotes learning the weakness point of your enemy.

If you see the grim reaper as human, it refers to a friend who makes self-sacrifice without your realization because s/he wants to smooth your way for a difficult job.

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  1. I had a dream of the grim reaper at 1st i ignored him in my dream and decided to tread into a dark room and when i entered the grim reapers “don’t go in there, it is dangerous” after he said that the room i looked around and the room was creepy looking with one word written on the wall the said [Eyes] then i said “whoa he was right”so before i could tread further in that creepy room i want back to the grim reaper and hugged him and felt slightly better if only for a few seconds note that i did not know i was hugging grimy until he revealed himself to be the angel of death itself so in fright i stepped away from him. And that is where my dream ended what does this dream mean though?…

  2. in my dream ,the grim reaper killed my friend(i dont know that friend though)then i ran away from the reaper.but after sometime he came to me in the backside and hushed YOU’RE NEXT..I felt like my soul was separated from my body..that reaper didn’t mean to kill me though..and then I was in a budha temple.. that reaper came back not to kill me but to confess his love for me..yike …that was the end…strange.

  3. In my dream, I was stranded in an unfamiliar place. I was insanely hungry and had to cross a beach in order to buy meals. But every time I try to cross, the grim reapers would chase me from the beach. I woke up when the grim reapers were in the middle of chasing me away.

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