Dream Meaning of Azan

Dream Meaning of Azan (Adhan)

Hearing sounds of adhan in a dream symbolizes happiness, relief, health.

Hearing sounds of muslim call to prayer in a dream indicates that you will achieve your dreams,someone will come from distant lands and he will change your life, or it symbolizes a good news.

Waking up with sound of adhan indicates that you will ape someone that engage in bad things but you will witness their bugger around and correct your mistake in a short time.

To see that a baby or childe is reciting the adhan in a dream indicates that you will receive a good news from a bad person or a enemy.

To see that call to prayer was left unfinished in a dream indicates that you will return your journey early, you will put forward your plan.

Someone reciting the azan in a dream will be successfull without fear and hesitation although their rival’s jealousy and obstacles. Reciting ahad symbolizes divine love and spiritual comfort.

Reciting azan cryingly in a dream indicates that you will devote yourself s case. It sometimes indicates symbolizes love that will be lived mutual.

Where the adhan is reciting in a dream,peace and happiness dominate in there. Sounds of adhan that is hearing in the house symbolizes the happiness to come. Hearing sounds of adhan in business symbolizes pot, possessions.

To hear it in school symbolizes promotion, finding a job or getting rental income. Hearing sounds in street or park indicates that your journey will be pleasant.Hearing adhan in the farm,garden symbolizes abundance for crop,ending up drought and leading a community that haven’t a leader.

To hear sounds of adhan coming from mountains in a dream indicates that there are some people who want to hold on to you but you keep them distance.But if you give them chance,you will be happy too. To hear sounds of adhan coming from clouds sky symbolizes Money that you will earn from draw or game of chance.

To see that azan is reciting in the church, synagogue or temples that own other religions in a dream indicates that you will go easy on a stony hearted person.He will give you a break to compensate his  inexcusable fault.

To see that you are reciting ahand scoffingly in a dream indicates that you will  make a mistake about a matter that you believe in yourself and you will lose confidence.

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  1. i’m a girl, but i found myself as in a masjid,where so many children are there waiting for me to recite azan..but i cant do it after saying allahu akbar..

  2. Asalaamu alaikum, I have a had a dream of reciting adhan in a baby girls ear, I had this kinda dream twice, what could it possibly mean

  3. I was asked to call Azan in the Masjid and while I was doing that, voices from the above were reciting it with me as if it was an Echo!!!

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