Dream Meaning of Lantern

To see lantern in a dream implies that you take charge, gain more profit with little effort, throw off the guilt in your love story. Alternatively, this dream also symbolizes positive. If you hold a lantern in your hand in your dream, it means that you will be successful from a difficult exam, make the right choice among many options.

To dream that the light of lantern is bright and spectacular may represent that you will gain profit comfortably, earn more money.

To dream that you turn on the lantern suggests that you will begin to enjoy prosperity as soon as possible.

To see a lantern in someone else's hand in your dream may indicates that you will take the advantage of an opportunity thanks to a person near you, get the better of a job which your friends directed.

To see a rotten lantern in a dream implies that you won't see the opportunity which takes place near you, you will go towards the distant one.

To see that you proceed with a lantern in your dream may represent that you have trust problem towards people because of your troubles in your past but you are with people who won't give you hard time and you should trust them.

To hold the lantern towards the sky in your dream signifies that you will succeed an impossible job.

To see torchlight procession, more than one lanterns in your dream indicates that many doors which were closed in the past will open as soon as possible.

To dream that you drop a lantern from your hand may suggest that you will get rid of a burden, finish one of your debts, or delete the tracks of a person in the past by starting a new relationship.