Dream Meaning of Beard

To see beard in a dream refers to education, science, prestige for a man, a child or spouse for a woman.

To have a shave in your dream may represent that you will avoid show off by hiding your quality although you improve yourself about this quality. If you couldn't cut your beard as you have a shave, this dream tells that you will be respected in every environment.

To see a woman with beard in your dream signifies that by getting help from a woman, you will do good jobs and thanks to this, you will be a person who is known.

To see a man with beard in your dream implies that you are in the right way in your jobs and you avoid from bad things. If the beard of man is very long, this dream tells that there are a lot of people who know you in your environment.  

To see a baby with beard in your dream may suggest that you will acquire wealth as much as you don't dream by means of an opinion which you get from a book you read or a film you watched.

To dream that your beard is very long may symbolize that if you are a man, you will announce your name with your art work. If you are woman, you will have a share in a man's success about art works.

To dream that your beard is very short means that you will convert your hobby into a job by improving your hobby or you will inspire your relative about an issue.

To see a white beard in a dream refers to a man from family who devotes himself to the education. If you see a black beard, it denotes a man from your close environment who devotes himself to the education. If you see a red beard, it refers to a fake foreigner who tries to deceive you by education and science. You should be careful about this person.  

To see that your beard is burning in your dream indicates that you will spend your money for show off and entertainment. If you see another person whose beard is burning, you will be harmed by a strong man.

To see insects, small animals or different staffs in the beard in your dream suggests that thanks to your physical quality, you will become a person who is loved and you will turn it into an opportunity.