Dream Meaning of Water

To see water in a dream refers to goodness, fruition and the fulfillment of wishes.

To see that you are thirsty and drink water too much in your dream means that an issue which you want too much will occur as soon as possible. If you drink water guzzle, it means that your financial desires will happen. If you drink it impassively, your spiritual deficiencies will be completed.

To dream that you couldn’t drink water although you are thirsty implies that you will take help from your sisters/brothers.

To dream that your home overflows indicates that you will have abundance and get out of whole, move to a larger and more comfortable house.

To see that your clothes get wet by falling into the water in your dream signifies that you will be slandered.

To dream that you don’t get wet after you fall into water implies that you will have a difficulty and overcome that easily. If you see a person who falls into the water in your dream, it denotes that you will prevent the slander about a person.

To walk on the water in your dream means that you will get a big heritage which will come from your relatives.

To see water flowing under the bridge in your dream symbolizes that you will meet with your old friend.

To see cloudy water in a dream indicates that you will face with an offer you didn’t wait.

To see clear water in a dream refers to a healthy life. Any kind of water which doesn’t give harm symbolizes marriage.

To see water in a glass, plate, bowl in your dream refers to child.

To see black water in a dream signifies bad woman. If you see bloody water in your dream, it is interpreted as respectable woman.

To see water inside pit in your dream suggests that you will need some more time for reaching your dreams. If you don’t take water from the pit, you will give up your dreams.

To see water in bathroom or Turkish bath in your dream refers to a spouse who has belief.

To see a sour, bitter or hot water in your dream means that one of your relatives will die.

To see that you drown or another person drowns in your dream indicates that rumor about you will occur.

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