Dream Meaning of Chair

Dream Meaning of Chair

To see a chair in your dream means that you will be dignitary, find a job in public sector, be a senior executive. If you see a wood chair in your dream, it refers to achievements which is satisfactory in terms of financial. The plastic chair signifies satisfactory successes about spiritual issues. A metal chair means that you will be powerful and successful about both material and spiritual issues.

To sit on the chair in your dream may represent that you will do successful jobs by getting by the short hairs. If you stand up from the chair in your dream, you will say the last statement about an important issue.

To break the chair or see that a chair is broken in your dream signifies that you will start to stand on your own feet about financial issues. You will separate your ways with a person whom you don't like. A broken chair denotes that you will get rid of diseases and bad things.

To fly with a chair in a dream means that you will be dignitary. Your excitement as you fly with chair refers to joy which you have from your job. If you see a person who flies with chair, a person who wants to take your prestige will glorify you too much as s/he does this.

To see of buying a chair in your dream symbolizes that you will put in your relative as intermediary in a love story. 

To see of selling or giving a chair in your dream indicates that you will get what you want about an emotional issue.  

To see that you repair the chair, make a new chair or see a chair is made in your dream indicates that you will receive kindness from a person whom you do favor. 

To dream that you wash, clean or paint the chair may represent that thanks to your ability, you will help people in your environment. By this way, you will be a person whose statements are listened and people will respect you. 

To see chairs side to side properly in your dream may indicate that you will earn money from public job. If you see chairs as disorderly, you will earn money by making trade.

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