Dream Meaning of Stage (Scene)

To see stage in a dream refers to invention, innovation and renewal. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will start to get results about an issue which you think for a long time, people will envy you.

To see a destroyed stage in a dream means that you will find a new job or work which will be more pleasant.

To see that a stage is very big and large in your dream represents that change in your life will be beautiful and pleasant. To dream that spotlights are bright means that change you will make will occur in a short time. 

To see a stage which is made from stone and marble in your dream suggests that you will reveal more successful and profitable jobs by adding new things to a project which became successful before. If you see a stage made from wood, you will do very profitable jobs with small efforts. A stage made from iron or metal refers to a job which you will have by using people around you. 

To dream that you are singing suggests that you will deceive your close friend and gain interest by breaching of this person's confidence and you won't feel disturbed from this condition.

To dance on the stage in a dream means that by using your new commodity for showing off, you will change the negative thoughts against you into positive ones. 

To get on the stage in your dream implies that you should make changes about your appearance. If you are applauded as you get on the stage, your changes will be beneficial. If you aren't applauded, a person who loves you will wait a sign from you.

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