Dream Meaning of Toilet

To see a toilet in a dream may represent that there will be changes about the timing of jobs you planned or waited. 

To clean a toilet in your dream means that you will buy the thing you think of buying before the time you planned.

To see a dirty toilet in your dream may indicate that your plans will change because of a person who enters into your life and you will do a common business with this person. If the toilet is clean in your dream, this dream refers to a baby who will join your family or your relative's family before the time.

To see that the toilet overflows in your dream suggests that you don't perform your prayers on time and because of this, you will feel disturbed too much.

To see yourself in the toilet in your dream indicates that you will demand extra time from the borrower because you didn't pay your debt.

To sit on the toilet in your dream indicates that you will get desperate because a miserable situation. You will achieve to save from this condition with your patience and ambition.

To see that you fall into the toilet in your dream symbolizes that you will cancel a visiting to one of your family or relatives.

To see that you perform prayer in the toilet in your dream indicates that you will notice your disease on time and be treated and get rid of the disease.

To dream that you sleep in the toilet means that you will get promotion because of a job which you finish before the time, you will be appreciated.

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