Dream Meaning of Fountain

Dream Meaning of Fountain

To see fountain in a dream refers to financial issue, money and regular income. Alternatively, it symbolizes happiness and abundance.

To see flowing fountain in a dream refers to halal gain which will bring relief. Intermittent, dirty water from fountain signifies income which come when least expected, you won't get immediately when you need, will give confidence to you.

To dream that the blood is flowing from fountain symbolizes a person who makes a demonstration to you with his/her bad money or a person who tries to deceive you by displaying himself/herself richer.

The flow of fish from fountain in a dream is precursor of a big wealth.

To drink water from fountain in your dream may represent that you will stand on your own feet by becoming independent, you will start to deal with a job which you completed with support from someone else exclusively. If you see a person who is drinking water from fountain, it refers to a person who will respect you.

To see that the fountain is repaired or you repair it in your dream may suggest that you will spend money for a commodity or property and they will be more beautiful and profitable.

To open the fountain in your dream indicates that you will enjoy the advantage of your savings. To close the fountain refers to savings.

To see that you make the fountain done in your dream refers to doing good. If you see that someone else makes the fountain done, it symbolizes a person who will provide that you lead to a good thing. 

To install a hose to the fountain in your dream suggests that you will make marriage plans and plan your income for long term investments.

To fill in water from fountain in your dream indicates that everything will be all right, a person who wanted your support won't need this support, you will use your money for entertainment because it isn't needed to be spent for trouble.

To wash your hands in fountain in your dream may signify to heal for an illness person and the complementation of the uncompleted job. 


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