Dream Meaning of Tonsil

To see tonsil in a dream refers to fullfilment of dreams and listening of the sound of the heart.

To dream that you have a tonsillectomy suggests that you should do the work that you want, you shouldn’t make life plans according to the opinions of others.

To see of having tonsilitis in your dream shows that you should be grateful for beauties and peace in your family, complaining will harm you.

To dream that you have a sore throat implies that you should wait a bit more for fullfilling your opinions in your mind. Good events will occur soon.

To see that your tonsils are taken in your dream shows that you will give way to your troubles by preoccupying with different issues, you should do exercise and go for a walk.

To see a tonsil stone in your dream signifies that beauties will be always with you, but you should look at the world with love to see these beauties.

To see a healthy tonsil in your dream refers to a good change related to your home.

To dream that the tonsil has different colours implies that there are some people that you don't trust but these people will do something good for you in the future.

To dream that you hold the tonsil in your hand suggests that you should forget the past. As long as you look ahead, the beauties of life will find you soon. 

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