Dream Meaning of Milk

Dream Meaning of Milk

To see milk in a dream refers to commodity and property, gain which will be got easily, abundance.

To see milk in jerry can in your dream denotes that you will get a big wealth, have heritage from your relatives. If you see water in a package, pocketed or box in your dream, it refers to profit which you will finish for entertainment in a short term.

To drink milk in your dream means that your income will increase. If you drink hot milk in your dream, it denotes that income will increase in a short term, a new income will come and you will rise and people will envy you.

A cold milk refers to income which will be got with efforts. A warm milk in your dream signifies financial gain which will be provided by your relative or friend.

If you see a person who drinks water in your dream, it means that there are people who work for you.

If you see a baby or child who drink milk, it denotes an educated and strong friend who increases your income and protects your right.

To milk the cow in a dream implies that you will get rid of disease and evil. If the milk is abundant as you milk the cow, it refers to goods which you will get without effort.

If you see that the milk doesn't come as you milk the cow, it means that you will get a job which you have smaller gains than your expectancies and take back debt you gave after the deadline. 

To cook milk and see boiling milk in a dream denotes big profits you will get by means of fake ways.

To see of buying milk in a dream refers to the cleanliness of milk and abundant and halal daily bread. If you see that milk is dirty and too little in your dream, your daily bread will be too little.

Too see that milk comes from breast in your dream means that your chance will open, you won't have any bad issues anymore, everything will be all right and even you don't believe in this. If you see that you suckle a person from your breasts, it means that you will receive kindness from a person whom you did a favor. If you see that another person suckles a person in your dream, you will make peace by coming together with your old friend whom you haven't got on very well because of a profitable job. Your jobs and friendship will proceed positively.

To give or sell milk to a person in your dream means that you will regret and apologies. 

To see milk which is poured in your dream refers to profitable opportunities which escape and confront you again after a while.  

To see that an animal or insect drinks milk in your dream indicates that you will gain profit from commodities which another people don't use. Alternatively, it tells that you will notice a person whom you don't value.

To dream that you suck milk from a woman's breast implies that thanks to a secret you heard, you will have financial gain with menace and cheat.

If you drink milk from a man's breast in your dream, it means that you will undertake a profitable job by standing out among your rivals thanks to your good morality and honesty.

To see that you drink water from any kind of animal in your dream means that by going away from wrong people whom you are with for money and self-interest, making friendship with honest and moral people, you will have better status and gain than the past.

Alternatively, this dream tells that you’re reputable and prestige will increase in your environment.

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