Dream Meaning of Chickpea

Dream Meaning of Chickpea

To see chickpea in your dream may represent that problems which you have within your family will finish and everything will be all right.

To see of eating chickpea in your dream forewarns you that you should be careful about friends in your school.

To see that you soak the chickpeas in your dream means that you will be at odds with your friends but everything will be all right soon.

To dream that you make chickpeas meal symbolizes a journey which you will have soon.

To see that you are eating chickpeas without soaking it in your dream signifies that your health will be very good and it will continue like that for a long time.

To see of collecting chickpeas in your dream may indicate that your problems with your teacher or manager will come to an end without being bigger.

To see of buying chickpeas in your dream refers to achievements in your business life.

To see of selling chickpeas in your dream may represent that you should write off some people and finish friendships with them.

To dream that you make plant from chickpeas symbolizes a funny dinner which you will have with your friends.

To put chickpeas between two cottons in your dream may signify that you will meet your friends whom you haven't seen for a long time.

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