Dream Meaning of Sweat Pastry (Baklava)

Dream Meaning of Sweat Pastry (Baklava)

To see in your dream refers to relationships with people, events regarding your children or small persons within your relatives.

To eat sweat pastry  in your dream signifies that you should be patient about your child's school problems. If you are preoccupied with this issue, everything will be bad.

To make sweat pastry  in your dream implies that you are worried about the health of a small girl from your family. However, you shouldn't be worried because she is in safe.

To dream that you roll out the dough for sweat pastry  signifies that you should encourage your cousins regarding their responsibilities and then they will be successful.

To dream that you distribute sweat pastry  suggests that you should talk to your children about their problems. If you make a conversation with them, they will be closer to you.

To buy baklava in your dream suggests that you should display your affection to your children and you should have dialogues with them.

To sell baklava in your dream suggests that you shouldn't think about domestic problems too much, it won't be beneficial to think.

To serve baklava in your dream suggests that you shouldn't share your own problems related to your work with your coworkers. You should hide these issues to yourself.

To dream that somebody serves you sweat pastry  indicates that you shouldn't say your opinions aggressively, you should talk by using soft words.

To see grouting in your dream shows that you should spend some time to yourself and go away from troubles. It will be beneficial to take time off work.

To dream that you slice baklava indicates that you will believe in being successful for every work, you won't be afraid of anything and you will have courage.

To see burnt baklava in your dream may represent that your health will be perfect and you will be fit and protect your health by doing some exercises.

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