Dream Meaning of Luggage

Dream Meaning of Luggage

To see luggage in a dream refers to overcoming the problems.

To carry the luggage in a dream represents that you will conclude a heavy responsibility successfully.

To see that you put something into the luggage in your dream implies that you will share your questions with your partner.

To dream that you can't carry luggage because of its weight denotes that you won't overcome your responsibility.

To dream that you can'tfit your things into the luggage refers to private conversations within family.

To put the luggage into the plane in your dream implies that each problem will be solved gradually.

To see of preparing luggage for hours in your dream refers to a good conversation in front of the crowded.

To dream that you see bees when you open the luggage refers to dispute with friends.

To dream that the luggage falls into the sea implies that you are able to work in public institutions.

To buy luggage in your dream signifies that you aren't open to the innovations.

To sell luggage in your dream implies that you are in the period of innovations and you should evaluate this time well.

To see an empty luggage in your dream indicates that you will participate in a competition and you will be in good level.

To see an old luggage in your dream denotes that you will have some dangers during travel.

To dream that you take your things out from the luggage denotes that you will succeed in big works and you will be successful.


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