Dream Meaning of Quarrel

Dream Meaning of Quarrel

It means that you try to take what you deserve, struggle to make a living, you only pay attention to your career and your main goal in life is honest earnings.

Dream Meaning of Expectorating

It shows that your life and earnings will be stable, in short you will always stay same financially.

Dream Meaning of an Altercation

This dream is an indicator of the power for struggling with hardships thanks to high self-confidence.  Also it refers to making a living the hard way with hard-working, determination and ambition. It also has a meaning which is similar to the real meaning of the dream, it means problems in your life, you may lose affection and accommodation between you and others.

Dream Meaning of a Wrangle

This dream shows your outburst. You will be victim of your own anger, you will lose your control and you will seem false, in fact when you are right.

Dream Meaning of A-Free-For-All

It refers to hardship, struggle, failure, debts and poverty.

Dream Meaning of Coming to Blows

This dream is an indicator of an ungenerous and narrow-minded person. It shows that this person does not spare no expense even for himself and he lives needily despite all his wealth and money.

Dream Meaning of Attacking to Someone

This dream refers to hostility, hate and revenge. It shows that there is something or someone that you can not forget because you can not forgive.

Dream Meaning of Being Attacked

This dream means existence of someone who lies and denigrates and spreads rumour about you. It is an indicator of depressor events and conversations.

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