Dream Meaning of Spoon

To see a spoon in a dream refers to wealth, abundance and the increase of staffs. You will have fun from your current job and your happiness which you take from your relationship will increase.

If you see a spoon with full of foods in your dream, it indicates that you will be rich. If you see something apart from the foods in the spoon in your dream, it suggests that your chance will change towards a positive side.

To see a spoon which is made from iron, copper, aluminium or similar metals in your dream denotes richness which you will get by deserving and as people will appeciate you.

If you see a spoon which is made from valuable stones, golden or silver in your dream, it refers to prestige coming suddenly and money which will come with the prestige.

To see a glass or porcelain spoon in your dream may indicate that as long as you work and be careful, you will have a good and pleasant life and this life will be full of abundance. You shouldn’t set your jobs back even for a while in order not to lose your possessions.

To see a spoon which is made from wood, land or similar staffs in your dream refers to money which will be earned from the land, abundance in production, a productive field, having a garden.

To see a broken spoon in your dream means that you will share the heritage. If you see that you break the spoon in your dream, it refers to a lot of gainings which will be got by means of a small self sacrifice.

To see of swallowing a spoon in your dream may indicate that by being overwhelmed with the wealth, you will turn your back on people even your close friends.

To see that you are playing with a spoon or stealing a spoon in your dream may symbolize that you will have staffs as much as you have life without needing to work.

To see that the spoon is bought and sold in your dream refers to a disloyal friend who won’t avoid to share the information about you in order to gain more money and prestige.

To dream that you throw away the spoon, drop into the ground it refers to bad daily bread which enters into the family but which you don’t know about.

To wash a spoon in your dream may represent that you will help a poor or be a mediator between two people who don’t talk each other.

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  1. Just dream that there was silverware like forks,knife which I didn’t focus on those but I saw a silver or metal spoon and I said why am i dream with silverware spoon?

  2. None of what is listed relates to the dream. Someone took my long wood stirring spoon then told me they had it.

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