Dream Meaning of Tunnel

To see tunnel in your dream means that the harms will be compensated, your mistakes will be forgiven and new beginnings will occur. 

If you see narrow tunnels in your dream, it is telling you that by facing your fears, you will perceive that there is no problem to be exaggerated and you will get rid of your fears.

If you see a large tunnel in your dream, your mistake will be forgiven and you will win the heart of a person who doesn't like you. 

To see that you enter into the tunnel in your dream indicates that you will make efforts in order to get rid of your health problems or bad habits. If you go from the tunnel, you will save yourself from harmful habits and bad behaviours easily.

To see that you are in the tunnel and don't go from the tunnel in your dream indicates that you will have wrong thoughts as a result of misunderstanding about your friend.

To run in the tunnel in your dream means that by utilizing from the second chance, you will do a successful job or have a happy relationship.

To dig a tunnel and try to escape in your dream indicates that you will land on a guilt to another person but you fell self reproach.

To pass the tunnel with a train, car or any kind of vehicle in your dream suggests that you will save from a dangerous environment with the help of your luck without any harm.

To see that the tunnel is made or you see a tunnel construction in your dream may imply that you will meet a person who closes your harms as soon as possible.

To see a closed tunnel in your dream means that your way which you chose recently is wrong and you should look for another way or solution.

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