Dream Meaning of Snail

To see a snail in a dream may represent that a job which is going slowly will gather speed, you will catch the old excitement again by getting rid of ordinariness in relationship.

To see of eating snail in your dream may indicate that you will enter into an environment which you don't like but you will do this for the person whom you love and you will endure this environment for a while.

To see that you hold the snail in your hand, play with that and examine it in your dream may indicate that you will earn big money by taking a small risk.

To see the shell of snail in your dream suggests that a financial problem which makes you busy for a while will finish. If you collect snail shells in your dream, this dream tells being lucky, money coming from some places, job offer coming from some companies. 

To kill a snail in your dream may represent that you will need a person's help and you broke this person's heart short time ago. It will be difficult to persuade this person about helping to you.

To see that your house, garden or place is full of snails in your dream implies that your property or commodity will be valued extremely, your job or ability will make you relaxed financially.

To dream that a snail is sold means that you will regret about an offer which you refused.

To see that a snail leaves a mark in your dream suggests that you will have a permanent achievement as much as the clarity or mark. To see colorless and unspecified marks in a dream refers to daily gains, daily happiness.

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  1. My dream was one snail, big one ate all the leaves leaving only the stem of the flower in my room.
    What does it mean?

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