Dream Meaning of Biscuit

Dream Meaning of Biscuit

To see biscuit in a dream refers to problem in a school and job or good events.

To eat biscuit in your dream signifies that bad situations which you have with people whose status are higher will come to an end.

To give biscuit in your dream implies that you will participate in an organisation with your coworkers or school friends. You will meet with your old friends during this activity.

To buy biscuit in your dream denotes that you will be successful in your business life and thanks to your successes you will reach the high.

To sell biscuit in your dream represents that you will share your opinions with one of your friends about business and you will help him/her.If you know the person whom you sell it, you will be helped by this person.

To offer biscuit in your dream symbolizes good news that you hear related to your work. To dream that a person offers biscuit may represent that there are decisions that you have to make related to your school or business life. 

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