Dream Meaning of Sewer Rat

Dream Meaning of Sewer Rat

To see a sewer rat in your dream is a sign of an evil-minded person who is cheating. To dream that your are coming across a rat indicates meeting a black hearted person in real life. If a sewer rat is at home, then the dream implies an enemy acting as a friend. Handling a rat in your dream suggests that you have an enemy among your relatives. To dream a rat in your bed indicates that you will have a malicious wife / husband or a malignant person will want to marry you.

Killing a sewer rat

Dreaming of killing a rat in your dream denotes that you will defeat a sly enemy in real life. It may be represent that a friend or companion will cheat and lay a trap for you and you will escape from this trap and beat that friend. To see that you are fighting against the sewer means fighting against enemies. If rat wins in your dream, then it may be a sign of your failure .

To be bitten by a sewer rat

To dream that you are bitten by a rat implies a trouble which will come soon. Being bitten by a rat suggests that an enemy is getting closer slyly and watching an opportunity to attack you. To see a rat biting your ear in your dream depicts hearing a news from an enemy, to dream a rat biting your hand represents a thing taken by deceit. Also, being bitten on the leg implies that you will make mistakes and go astray.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming sewer rat

Dreaming with a sewer rat implies your fears and anxieties. The person who dreams sewer rat may be afraid of suffering because of the enemies around him. The dreamer may be fearful. Alternatively, it implies that the dreamer get bored and is depressed as a result of confronting some problems.


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