Dream Meaning of Worm

To see a worm in a dream refers to interest which you have, a selfish and jealous friend.

To dream that you eat, swallow a worm may indicate that you will do a job which you don't like for a financial interest or you will be with people whom you don't like for sudden pleasures. If you see that another person eats worm in your dream, it means that you will be inclined to show off, envy your friend because of his/her possessions.

To see a worm in your mouth or nose in your dream may indicate that you should make self-sacrifice in order to live more comfortable, you will attach to your jobs or lessons tighter. 

To see that a worm is coming from your back in your dream means that you should put a tighter leash on pleasures and bad feelings. If you drop a worm in your dream, you will have to make a choice between love and material thing soon.

To cut, slice or distinguish into pieces the worm in your dream may represent that by saving the small amounts of gain which you get unfairly, you will have an important income. 

To crash or kill a worm in your dream indicates that you will change your method and get harm in a short term but you will benefit from this change in the long run. 

To see that you collect worm in your dream represents that you are with selfish people together and you should review your friendships. 

To dream that as you dig the land, you see a worm refers to abundance. If the worms are big, it refers to big chances. If it is small, it refers to a lot of chances which will come in succession. 

To see a worm in the mouth of bird refers to very big fortunate. You will get a profit with the help of your chance, have a happy and long love by meeting with a rich person, you will be known by many people by earning reputation in your environment.

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