Dream Meaning of Rice Pudding

To see rice pudding in a dream refers to halal profit, a lot of money which is required for welfare.

To see of eating rice pudding in your dream may represent that you will be rewarded for your works, have profit you expected and have a profitable job. You will be rich in a short term period.

To make or cook rice pudding in your dream signifies collaboration or entering into a collective job. People coming together will build a strong partnership. Alternatively, it refers to happy news which you hear from your brothers/sisters.

To distribute rice pudding in a dream means that you will do favor, help people who require medical care, have high moral.

To dream that you want rice pudding may indicate that you will make a living the hard way by working hard or a partnership which came to the end point will revive.

To see of buying rice pudding in your dream signifies that your family members warn you about your deficient quality. It refers to advice which you take from an elder outside your family or warning heard from the bosses in your business life.

To see of selling rice pudding in your dream means that your character is so weak, you will have your nose in the air or deny yourself.

To pour rice pudding in your dream suggests that you will break heart deliberately.

To order rice pudding in your dream symbolizes support given in a friendly way, aid, being overcome of a difficult barrier.

To see baked rice pudding in your dream refers to surprise money, saving which is forgotten or gain which will serve to overcome the bad process.

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